Saturday, September 25, 2010

Video: Allen West to Obama: “Welcome to the jungle”

The Shark-Tank: At the Vets for West picnic today in Delray Beach, Florida, Congressional Candidate Allen West in true form called out the Democrat Party and its spineless minions that include none other than Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Allen has already sent Madam Speaker a message-Allen West to Pelosi- “Give Me that Damn Gavel!) and ‘the Messiah’himself, President Barack H. Obama.  The Congressional Black Caucus and Congressman- impeached Federal Judge Alcee Hastings have announced that they will be campaigning against West on behalf of Congressman Ron Klein.  President Obama and Speaker Pelosi will be in Congressional District 22 next month stumping for the embattled Congressman Klein, who has been lagging in the most recent public opinion polls.
You know the Dems will pull out all the stops (including publishing his social security number) to make sure Allen West does not get to Congress.  Too bad for them Allen West won’t go quietly.  Allen West represents the new type of Republicans, Republicans who are grounded in principle and not at all afraid to get down and dirty with the Dems.

Come on Florida, send Allen West to Washington!


Just a conservative girl said...

Yes it is quite stunning that the Congressional Black Caucus will be campaiging against a black man for a white man.

They really just need to change their name. The Congressional Black Socialists Caucus and be done with it.

Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe we all need to send West a donation. How better to fight such behavior by his opponent.

Janelle said...

Obama and Pelosi in 22 in Florida.......flipping gridlock, the people will go nuts.
Clifton, I've sent three donations to him and I may send a fourth, but there are other campaigns I am following as well. The DNC is targeting Michellle in MN with the old cigar boy, Clinton and that kind of makes me hiss.
Actually, quite a bit about DC makes me hiss and growl.

Anonymous said...

Allen West is an American Patriot. He will win the Congressional seat and then probably become President of the USA. He has everything our country needs and what "We the People" are fighting for!! God Bless this man.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

My brother lives down in FL in that distrct, he is a democrat (how I do not know,gene disorder I guess)but I do know he is voting for West. If I was there I would as well and have sent a contribution to West as I believe he is exactly the type individual this Nation needs!

Tyrone said...

I am very upset that I moved out of West's district before I had a chance to vote for him!! I really admire this guy, for standing on principle, unafraid. I might scrape up a few bucks to send him anyways. It's not a vote, but it might help him.

Just Me said...

Anon... from your mouth to God's ears. I can't think of anyone out there who would make a better Commander-in-Chief than Ret Col Allen West. Come to think of it, I can't think of anyone out there who even comes close.

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