Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WTF? NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg to address House GOP

It seems that there are a few Republicans in the GOP who think Mike Bloomberg has something important to say.
The Hill [emphasis mine]: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is scheduled to meet with House Republicans on Thursday.
The GOP’s invitation to the Republican-turned-Independent is an unusual move. Bloomberg, who supports gun control, recently criticized Republicans for their handling of a bill for 9/11 responders and has endorsed several Democrats in the midterm elections.[...]
“Theme Team” organizer Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) explained that Bloomberg was asked to appear because he is a leader outside the Washington Beltway whom GOP lawmakers want to talk to. The point of the weekly Theme Team meetings is to give House GOP lawmakers and staffers a chance to have off-the-record conversations with key outsiders on important issues.
I would love to ask these GOP beltway insiders, why they find Mike Bloomberg a better "key outsider" than say; Sarah Palin or Jan Brewer.  Both of those women are outside the beltway, both women are key players outside the beltway and both women have a message that the GOP really needs to hear and understand for 2010 and forward.
The other thing I would love to know is who is paying for these meetings?  If it is us, the abused taxpayers, then I say this is one of the first things the GOP nixes to keep its pledge about shrinking government.  We cannot afford it financially nor can we afford it ideologically.  Read this part:
A Kingston aide explained that Bloomberg was booked months ago for Thursday’s meeting.
Kingston spokesman Chris Crawford said the point of the Theme Team is to “bring outside ideas in” to Capitol Hill. Crawford added that Democrats have addressed the conference before, though most of the guests are Republican.
CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and former Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.), Dr. Patch Adams and former Secretary of State Colin Powell are among the recent guests, according to Crawford. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and John Podesta, who served as President Clinton’s chief of staff, have also met with the GOP group.
There isn’t a single Nanny-Stater idea that Mike Bloomberg supports that I would want the GOP to copy in any way, shape or form.  The GOP had better get all this foolishness out of its system before they take over next year.  Unlike the punched up hippies on the left, the right is in no mood for nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Another reason why entrenched Republicans is only not as stinky as a Lib-democrat.

Another reason to vote these people out and replace them with none-career politicians.

2nd Anony

RightKlik said...

I might be willing to give Kingston the benefit of the doubt on this one. He's from a very conservative district in GA, and his votes in Congress reflect that. Last year's ACU score 96, lifetime 96.3.

Chris said...

I'd like to see the GOP tell Bloomberg to shove it. It's time that the GOP gets tough with the Progressives.

Brenda in Illinois said...

Hi Clifton,
Remember that Bloomberg was a Democrat before he ran for NYC mayor!

Brenda in Illinois

Angie Lee said...

If GOP lawmakers want to keep talking to libbies, they're obviously still NOT listening to the American people - unless they're talking to them to get ideas so they can do exactly the opposite, which I doubt.

Kind of like BHO: Anything coming out of his mouth, you can bet 99.99% of the time it's exactly the opposite of the truth.

Hey, Cliff, did I tell ya we're expecting again?

Janelle said...

Agreed, Clifton, Bloomberg is not a good choice in any way. Either Dr. Sowell or Dr. Williams or both should be there.

Patricia said...

Just another arrogant self serving opportunistic elitist.

The GOP establishment still doesn't hear us. They had better wake up.

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