Saturday, April 9, 2011

Boehner wins, but America still loses

From what I have been reading, it appears that quite a few people are saying Speaker Boehner has won the budget showdown. They all point to the fact that the national conversation in Washington has changed from wild deficit spending to spending cuts (albeit tiny ones).

This may all be true in the political sense, but in reality America still sits perilously close to an economic disaster. We are still spending hundreds of billions of dollars we do not have. The amount of money we are borrowing daily will soon eat up these cuts in no time flat. Yet, here are our so called "leaders" talking about "historic cuts".

I think part of the problem in Washington today is that there aren't many who can take in the big picture. Too many lawmakers, pundits and the media class focus on the little skirmishes and daily back and forth without taking into account the effect on the nation as a whole. 

Paul Ryan's budget plan is the first attempt in a long time to bring the big picture in focus. Unfortunately after watching this shutdown showdown, I don't have a lot of faith in seeing anything close to Ryan's plan being acted upon.

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Fuzzy Slippers said...

That's why we have to stay strong and stay engaged and committed. No one who thinks seriously expected miracle with only one chamber of Congress in GOP hands. There are still far too many establishment GOP (and of course dems and sprogs) in DC. It is up to US, not the relatively small but still pretty impressive number of deficit hawks in DC. We need to send more. More in 2012. More in 2014. Still more in 2016. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply not aware of how long it took for the progressives to take over the democrat party (and the republican party!), nor just how deep the hole is that we are in. If we, the people, don't start taking some responsibility, then yes, you're right, nothing will be fixed. Ever.

Just a conservative girl said...

The most liberal president in the history of this country will be giving vouchers to the needy in DC. You don't see something historic in that. The IRS agents that were to be hired for Obamacare have been defunded.

Yeah the cuts are small, but this was the small fight. The big one is on the debt ceiling and the next years budget. I am happy with what we did.

TickedMD said...

Washington wins, unborn taxpayers lose.

tracyJ said...

we are borrowing 50¢ for every Dollar we spend. that's like having a household budget of $100 a week and only earning a salary of $50 a week... & taking out a loan of $50 a week... & saying oh hey, we better reduce our spending... & reducing it by like $1 a week. do the math. how long would YOU last at that pace?

FIREBIRD said...

I'm not ready to throw Boehner over the side.... both sides claimed victory to save face and if something wasn't agreed to, we would be doing weekly CR's until the cows come home - with no time for anything else. I'm willing to give them the Ryan budget negotiations to see what they get from that, keeping in mind that they don't control the Senate. I DO wish they had pressed the fact that it was the Dem's failure to do ANY budget that was causing the probs now - and in THIS administration, ANY budget cut is historic!

bd said...

abc, et al: all well said

some say bho is "tone deaf" for such "gaffs" as claiming credit for "largest spending cut in history"; no, bho is playing to his marxist-bent constituencies and to his propaganda machine (aka mainstream media)... the true believers will try to his words/appearance as a club when the real budget battle is joined

boehner? in this round, the cost/benefit of an unyielding/aggressive approach could reasonably be argued; but, the wuss/wimp factor is suggested when they take this outcome and start sounding like prize peacocks...

at this point, no more "we understand you did your best"; the repubs must unify w/ the tp-minded or be re-minded that retirement is another election outcome (will, kraut, rove not withstanding)

Clifton B said...

Fuzzy Slippers:

t is up to US, not the relatively small but still pretty impressive number of deficit hawks in DC. We need to send more. More in 2012. More in 2014. Still more in 2016.

You nailed it. I am getting the feeling that the TEA Party thinks its work is done now the Republicans control the House. Note even close. We must gird our loins for the long haul and start substituting quantity for quality.

Clifton B said...

Just a Conservative Girl:

The problem is that these puny cuts will be sold the public as far bigger than they really are. When that happens what reason will Republicans have for demanding greater cuts?

Clifton B said...


So very true

Clifton B said...


Very well stated, now if we can just convey that logic to Washington.

Clifton B said...


The problem is what is coming from the Democrats. Boehner invested way too much capital in tiny cuts. When Obama unveils his plan he will be able to say he already gave Republicans cuts.

The better way for Republicans to have gone was to either hold out for truly massive cuts to the CR or skip it and fight like demons over the debt ceiling or the 2012 budget.

Clifton B said...


at this point, no more "we understand you did your best";

This is exactly why there should be not wishy washy nominee for 2012. A Rove/Bush type Republicans simply isn't strong enough to get America out of the ditch.

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