Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Video: Ann Barnhardt takes Lindsey Graham and the Quran to task

Hot damn! I just saw this video over at The Right Scoop and was completely blown away.  Not only does this fearless woman rip to shreds Lindsey Graham's ridiculous statement about free speech, she takes on the Quran in the most politically incorrect manner I have ever seen.  I cannot remember the last time I saw an American (right or left) who said exactly what was on their mind without carefully picking and choosing their words in order not to "offend" anyone.

At the end of video 2 she even gives out her name and address!  Something tells me she utilizes her Second Amendment rights every bit as forcefully as she utilizes her First!

Taking Lindsey Graham to task:

Taking The Quran to task:

Video h/t: The Right Scoop


F. L. Anderson said...

Great video Clif. Hey have you seen this new conservative blog?

Anonymous said...

This video needs to be spread far and wide. Ms. Barnhardt tells it like it is. She is fiere and fearless. If only our elected officials had even half her insight and forthright willingness to speak the truth.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I posted this yesterday Clifton,,,lets keep it going!!!

Brian K Miller said...

She certainly does get her point across.

Justine said...

She needs to capitalize on that bacon bookmark thing. I just about fell out of my chair!

Find the Beauty said...

She is fantastic! Not that I agree with burning the Koran, but then I don't agree with a lot of what people say or do. We can't force people to act the way we'd like or want. She is so right! GO,Barnhardt, go. I don't know if I would not want to stop her right to say it.

Richard Easbey said...

This lady KICKS. ASS. I love her..and I think I'm going to die laughing over the bacon bookmarks.

bd said...

thank you for the post - now see it all over but learned of it here 1st;

v1: lg excoriation - all well deserved and apropos

v2: is bacon now the "other cheek"?

lg is a liberal -> progressive; not hard left, but given the current political landscape, just as dangerous... how did sc let this poser make a career out of the senate?

Anonymous said...

The BEST!!!!

MommyLisa said...

Why can't we find a politician who will do this?!? I'm voting for this woman! ha!

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched part 2 yet but I'm sure it will be as great as part 1.
Thanks for posting !
I'm going to be emailing the youtube link to everybody.

SB Smith

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