Monday, April 4, 2011

Republican budget plan to cut over $4 trillion over 10 years

Fox News: The Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee said his party's budget proposal for 2012 would cut deficits by more than $4 trillion over the next decade, vowing to tackle costly entitlements like Medicare and Medicaid.

The proposal, set to be unveiled Tuesday, would serve as the Republicans' official response to President Obama's proposed $3.7 trillion budget for 2012. The White House claims its plan would cut deficits by $1.1 trillion over a decade.

But Ryan, R-Wis., in an interview with "Fox News Sunday," accused Obama of "punting" and said Republicans' plan would exceed the fiscal goals set by the president's fiscal commission -- which issued a report calling for $4 trillion in cuts. That report never made it out of committee.

"We can't keep kicking this can down the road," Ryan said. "The president has punted. We're not going to follow suit."
While these numbers are more in line with what needs to be done to save our financial house, I don't think Republicans have done their homework on educating the public on how dire our financial picture is. Recent Gallup polls on spending cuts shows that the public is still in denial about what needs to be done. Furthermore, I think Republicans may have shot themselves in the foot by playing political parlor games when it came to cuts in the Continuing Resolution (CR).

How do you go to the public and say we need to make these big cuts and reforms after offering up puny cuts of $2 billion, $4 billion and $61 billion? Democrats are already trying to makes these puny numbers sound "extreme" and draconian. I think the Republican leadership has given up much of the fire they rode in on in 2010. I pray I am wrong.

Here is Paul Ryan explaining the plan in with a little more detail

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FIREBIRD said...

You are absolutely right on educating the public - the Republicans have NO viable PR machine, unlike the democrats - who have the MSM... The sooner the Republicans accept the fact that there is NOTHING they can do to get toe MSM to like them or cover them objectively, the better off we will all be - they need to bypass the press, like Reagan, and go directly to the people... FORCE the MSM to cover them by making news

Roger Wolf said...

Republican budget plan to cut over
$4 trillion over 10 years !

The Republican chairman of the
House Budget Committee said his
party's budget proposal for 2012
would cut deficits by more than $4
trillion .... vowing to tackle
costly entitlements like Medicare
and like and Medicaid.

Gee lets screw over the little guys
loosing their homes or newly retired seniors.

Wait a minute ! Shouldn't ANY CUTS
START WITH A ROLLBACK OF SALARIES of All Elected Congressional
officials that started this mess.

Evidently the Congress has
forgotten the people they are about to CHEAT are the same people who Marched in the streets to stop the War in Viet Nam.

They are older and wiser now. But THEY HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS!
Remember the GRAY PANTHERS?
Add the A.A.R.P. members and you have a significant voting block!

Americans didn't get to vote on congressional benefits. Instead Congressmen of BOTH PARTIES VOTED TO GIVE THEMSELVES BETTER BENEFITS than ALL their constituents!

Since the good OLD Boys are Not Likely to move Maybe Just Maybe the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congresswomen's Caucus
will show some UNITY and GUTS; by voluntarily donating 10 percent of their salaries and challenging or embarrassing their brethren to do the same!

If our Elected officials had the same Medical,Health Insurance and Social Security Benefits, ALL of these PROBLEMS would have been solved in this area LONG AGO.

Also before penalizing AMERICANS many of whom have lost their jobs or houses? WHY hasten ANY Congress person Republican or Democrat asked for across the board Foreign Aid Cuts of even 10 percent to all countries; ( except military aid to Israel which is necessary for Israeli and US security.)

How about ending ALL Farm Subsidies and instead let Farmers grow corn for ethanol?

Roger Wolf

database design software said...

The program is already so tightly funded that not only does living below the poverty threshold NOT guarantee coverage, but the program is part of a system that leaves 51 million out in the cold. If there's waste, let's reinvest it back in the program

Atlanta Roofing said...

The plan would replace the current open-ended system of Medicare payments with one in which the federal government would subsidize people to purchase insurance. In health insurance jargon, this is called “premium support.” Ryan would set up a system called “the Medicare exchange” in which beneficiaries would choose an insurance plan they preferred.

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