Monday, April 4, 2011

Hillary 2012? The Specter Lives On

John Phillips writes in the LA Times today "Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012". He makes his case by pointing out the lack of loyalty Hillary supporters have for Obama, Hillary's much higher approval ratings and Obama possibly screwing up royally with Libya.

He concludes by saying:
While it's true the Clintons are ambitious people, they've never been known to go on suicide missions -– those are for terrorists and hotel chains willing to rent rooms to Charlie Sheen.
Despite her contemporary denials, Hillary would only throw her hat in the ring if she thought she had a better than even chance at moving back into the White House. Obama is looking weak, but not weak enough to justify a primary challenge...yet.
If Libya turns into a full blown disaster...resulting in billions of dollars wasted, boots on the ground and abysmal public opinion numbers, my money is on Hillary resigning her post as secretary of State and jumping in the 2012 primary.
She can even rerun the "3 AM Phone Call" ad...with the tagline 'See, I told you so.'
I always thought Hillary would run against Obama if he gets weak enough. I know the left would throw Obama overboard if his reelection becomes a big question. However, I do feel that Hillary's window closed in 2008.

If Hillary was to beat Obama in a primary, she would face a blizzard of Republican ads showing how there was almost zero difference between her and Obama in 2008. It would be all to easy to make the case that Hillary 2012 would not look much different from Obama's second term. Added to the difficulty, the black community would not take to kind to the first black president getting primaried out. Hillary could find herself with minimal support from the black community and that is a losing formula for any Democrat.

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Tregonsee said...

Hillary 2012? Maybe that is what the Mayans were trying to warn us about.

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