Monday, April 4, 2011

Calling All Remaining Hope Dopes: Obama launches reelection with video

Politico: “It Begins With Us” features a series of supporters from around the country explaining why they support the president, but does not include Obama’s voice or any new film footage of him.
“This campaign is just kicking off,” the front page of says. “We’re opening up offices, unpacking boxes, and starting a conversation with supporters like you to help shape our path to victory. 2012 begins now, and this is where you say you’re in.”
Reports over the weekend set the drumbeat for the official launch, which came soon after 5 a.m. on the fourth day of the fourth month, symbolic for the 44th president.
An official filing with the Federal Election Commission is expected to come Monday so that Obama can begin fundraising for his campaign. His first official fundraiser is scheduled for April 14 in his hometown of Chicago. Two more are set for the following week, in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with ticket prices ranging from $25 for young adults — “Gen44” — to $2,500 for VIPs. [MORE]
It looks like "Yes We Can" has morphed into "I Need You, Man"! The video seems to be a call to all remaining true supporters. We should not be surprised about that, after two years of broken promises and lackluster performance, the aura of Hope and Change could never make a come back.

As I watched the video, I kept asking myself are these real Obama supporters or are they actors? I was struck with this question because so much has changed since 2008 that I find it hard to believe that there would be such enthusiastic supporters left. I imagine that most of those who will choose to vote for Obama in 2012 will be doing so more as a rejection of Republicans rather than fervent support for Obama.

In order to win in 2012, Obama must make the case that he is worthy of a second term. Based on his performance that is going to be a tough sell. As things stand now, I suspect Obama's campaign strategy will be to paint whomever the Republican challenger is as unacceptable. Already the media is serving up steady stories about the foibles of potential Republican candidates (i.e. Gingrich's infidelity, Romney and RomneyCare and just out today Jon Huntsman's Rock and Roll years).

So long as the political climate remains roughly the same, any Republican who can keep the distractions down to a minimum and hammer away at Obama's record is going to find themselves with more than a good chance of winning the White House.

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sarainitaly said...

"I Need You, Man"! LOL!

You would think they are in trouble when, on their own ad, the supporters admit to not even agreeing with him. haha

Lisa said...

Funny, your take on Obama's re-election is markedly different than LCR's. Or at least one of their contributors. They were discussing how Obama is project to raise over $1B. That is scary. I am nervous for Republicans. I also read an Opinion piece yesterday at that talked about how Republicans had better target the younger demographic (probably 18-30) if they plan on winning. That is an excellent point too. Personally I think Republicans have their work cut out for them. :(

Mr. Mcgranor said...

"As a community we all have the same concerns..."

Anonymous said...

When Obama's ads start up on tv, I won't be able to get to the mute button fast enough.

SB Smith

Atlanta Roofing said...

Please that you will cast your vote for Obama albeit not with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm can only come from the perfect candidate though no such candidate exists. Americans dream too much and when their dreams are not fulfilled they can never see that it's the dreamers fault.

non surgical ways to lose weight NE Phila said...

He's doing it to scare off potential Republican candidates who might have a chance to be competitiv¬e. It's sound political strategy even if it's a bit tone def.

Find the Beauty said...

My overall impression was BORING. I mean this ad was so dull;

doublegenealogytheadoptionwitness said...

"Hope Dopes" - PRICELESS!

*Hope" (haha) it goes viral!

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