Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Video: Donald Trump vs. George Stephanopoulos

I loved this contentious interview because both Trump and Stephanopoulus take a beating. Kudos, to Stephanopoulos for pressing hard to smoke out the lack of details behind Trumps' tough talk (e.g. dealing with OPEC and his investigators in Hawaii). Kudos to Trump for smacking Stephanopoulus around even when Stephanopoulus was getting the better of him.

Trump's 15 minutes of extra fame has been quite entertaining. He has given conservatives something we have been longing for for the last 2+ years and that is a strong and direct assault on Obama. As entertaining and to some degree stratifying as it has been, the time for Trump to exit the stage is rapidly approaching. 

I say this because so many of Trump's positions seem almost like the caricature the left paints of the right rather than any principled conservative position (e.g. taking Iraq's oil). So long as Trump stays on stage, he helps to reinforce the left's negative narrative of conservatives and Republicans. The last thing Republicans need is to have this image stick in 2012. Furthermore, I do fear some Republicans might actually think Trump would be a suitable candidate for 2012 and given the seriousness of this election, Trump simply isn't suitable for the task.

Via: ABC News
Via: IBTimes


This person said...

Absolutely agree Clifton B.
The sooner the Donald leaves the stage the better.

spc said...

"He has given conservatives something we have been longing for for the last 2+ years and that is a strong and direct assault on Obama."

Absolutely right--- It, hopefully, showed the weak GOP that it is a good idea to strike at Obama. The birther crap will backfire, but for the most part Trump (with whatever credibility he had) helped demonstrate what the majority of American people are yearning for- a voice against a Marxist POTUS!

In your last paragraph you speak of Trump's candidacy and I am in agreement. He should exit the stage knowing he has given vital information to the GOP about campaign strategy. If the GOP really wants a change against progressivism, then they have all they need. Unfortunately, I believe that they are on the side of government and not the people that government works for.

bd said...

abc all well said

dt is of the celebrity class - check them out: will not leave the stage until way after the expiration date; the fact that dt is not a "serious" candidate now has transitioned from conjecture to demonstration

sadly, as you accentuated, his usefulness as a model protagonist to the left is now at risk due to the almost cartoonish caricature of his "populist conservatism"

need someone in addition to sp to take up the gauntlet; besides the honing benefit, need more powerful voices to breakthrough the media fog of deception and misdirection via "salacious titillation"...

Dave said...

I'm fine with The Donald being our cat's paw, I'm worried that he might become next year's Perot. For the moment, I say let him be loud and in your face to Obama. In a couple of months he can fade from the scene and the warrior from Wasilla can pick up the gauntlet, without the crazy talk. Madison last week was, IMO, phase one of this strategy. Meanwhile the Donald's still giving the Obama administration fits and it's fun to watch.

Euripides said...

Donald Trump is a chimera created by the mainstream media and his own hyper-inflated ego. We can't really take him seriously as a candidate simply because the leftist media does. The media's eating this stuff up just to "prove" that conservatives are just as abrasive as Trump.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a shrewd business man. Thats obvious. You don't get to where he's at being a knucklehead. So with that being said, I really don't think Trump has any intention on running honestly. I think he's doing what he does best, playing the game and looking for a prize thats different than what everyone thinks he's looking at. My guess? He eventually bows out when a true contender hits the stage, and when that contendor wins, Trump gets alot of visits to the WH. I just don't see him wanting to be President, but I do see him benefiting from being a routine guest of the President. Does that make sense?

Jg. for FatScribe said...

ABC -- exactly so. trump is what someone recently called the sharpton of the right. even that's wrong ... trumps no "conservative" as we on the right would know conservatism.

he's another media darling only b/c he's a good "get" for an interview or story, pushed to the fore b/c the MMS can't deal with true conservatism, and b/c our true conservative brethren aren't "sexy" enough to draw large numbers. this will be a squeaker of an election, IMHO.

good stuff, as always!


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