Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BOOM, there it is! Obama releases long form birth certificate

Well, here is the much talked about and anxiously awaited long form birth certificate. Will this end the birther theory? Heck no. Why? Because conspiracy theories never die. The time to have killed the birther theory was two years ago when the issue started to percolate. One of the main reasons why the birther theory will live on, is because there really is no good answer to the very simple question "what took so long"? Based on that alone, birthers will look for all kinds of new evidence. Already, there is a "layer theory" forming.

I think Obama kept the birther issue going on for so long, is because it was politically advantageous to him. He, with the help of the media, was able to discredit anyone who asked questions about the birth certificate. Had the media simply been curious as to why Obama wouldn't do a simple thing like releasing the document, the nation might have been spared the whole birther thing and the rise of Donald Trump.

Speaking of Trump, I do fear that the release will put more wind in his sails. Already Trump has now started asking for college records. Some folks on the right, be they birthers or not, might get a little awestruck, because Trump stood his ground against the naysayers. As a result Trump effectively got Obama to do someone no one else could get him to do. To those folks I say; admire Trump's tenacity, but understand fully that Trump is not a conservative. Supporting Trump is at best supporting a eclectic bag of principles or at worst is supporting a complete poser. Buyer beware.

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

let's just hope our side doesn't start looking for forgeries within the produced document! we love to steal defeat from the jaws of victory with our dumb GOP/conservative moves!


John B. Hefmier said...

I have always believed that Obama was born in Honolulu, HI, and not Kenya. Therefore, I never felt one way or another about the issue. The truth would come out eventually. That being said, what is more important than Obama releasing his certificate of live birth and Trump taking the credit for it, is that 9 Americans were killed in Afghanistan, to protect their freedoms and it is very unfortunate that these 2 have shadowed those 9 who died. Let us get back to issues that REALLY matter.

Anonymous said...

Sad whites have turned into a bunch of loonies in straight jackets bet they will think this is a fake.

Just a conservative girl said...

It took all of ten minutes before my twitter filled up with "it's a fake". Birthers can't let this go because they then would have to deal with the fact that they were not using the brain that God gave them based simply on hatred.

It is quite sad because it allows people like Smiley and Goldberg to keep using the race card.

Joe Clyde said...

Because of the blatant bigotry of the fringe on the right. There will find another insulting issue to latch onto.

Expect Orange Country Republicans to send another racist e-mail.

The people have the audacity to wonder why some minorities want nothing to do with the republican party.

davemartin7777 said...

It's bad enough these people want to disqualify Obama from his Presidency, they want to blot him out as a person.

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