Friday, April 8, 2011

A reversal of fortunes: WI Justice David Prosser gains 7,500 votes

On Wednesday JoAnn Kloppenburg declared herself the winner of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Yesterday, in a stunning reversal of fortune a computer error has now put victory firmly in the hands of her opponent Justice David Prosser.

JS Online: In one explosive stroke Thursday, the clerk in a Republican stronghold tilted the tight Supreme Court race in favor of Justice David Prosser by recovering thousands of untallied votes for the incumbent.
Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Thursday that she failed to save on her computer and then report 14,315 votes in the city of Brookfield, omitting them entirely in an unofficial total she released after Tuesday's election. With other smaller errors in Waukesha County, Prosser gained 7,582 votes over his challenger, JoAnne Kloppenburg, leaving the sitting justice significantly ahead for now amid ongoing official counting.
"I'm thankful that this error was caught early in the process. This is not a case of extra ballots being found. This is human error which I apologize for," Nickolaus said, her voice wavering as she spoke to reporters.
The figures are still far from final in a race that had previously seemed almost certain to see a statewide recount. Around the state, elections officials Thursday were tweaking unofficial results from the day before that had put Kloppenburg, an assistant attorney general, ahead of Prosser by a razor-thin 204 votes.
But nothing compared to Brookfield, where the new totals give 10,859 more votes to Prosser and 3,456 more to Kloppenburg. [MORE]
Needless the left is screaming foul play, but a Waukesha Democrat who helped tabulate the votes confirms the numbers.

Should these numbers hold (the left has an uncanny ability of "finding" votes), it will be a major defeat for the union effort. The unions put a lot into this election in order to send a message to both Scott Walker and Republicans across the nation. Despite that effort, it now looks like they have come up short.

I suspect they will now double their efforts with their recall campaigns, because given the national attention with the whole collective bargaining fight unions cannot afford to come out losers.

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