Thursday, April 14, 2011

ZZZZZZZZ! Biden caught napping during Obama's speech

Looks like the sister in the background was nodding off too. What's up with the person behind Biden? They look like they are trying to hide something, texting perhaps?

ABC News, things that Biden may have been in deep thought:
Biden, at one point, could be seen apparently nodding off -- or at least deep in thought. The bug was catching, too. The woman in glasses directly behind Biden appears to close her eyes too.
Deep thought? Nope that is looks like plain old nodding off.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: ABC News


FIREBIRD said...

Biden has a future as an air traffic controller

Chris said...

And this is the buffoon that is next in line to run our country. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Ha !
Imagine if Biden had started snoring !

SB Smith

Ruby Writes said...

Try watching the first Obama 2012 election ad. I can always catch a bit of a nap during that. I yawn just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, really can't blame the guy for following asleep during an Obama speech. Its all I can do not to jump off a five story building. Besides, Biden can do very little damage when his mouth is closed.

objectivist said...

As frighteningly unprofessional as this is, I really cannot blame him. Although I probably would have been so angry with the contents of the speech, I would have been wide-awake.

MommyLisa said...

I just found something that Biden and I agree on! Obama isn't worth listening to!

objectivist said...


Haha, definitely! I hadn't though of that

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