Monday, March 8, 2010

ACORN workers charged with Voter Fraud in Wisconsin

It looks like the chickens from all that voter fraud in 2008 are coming home to roost.  
From Fox News: Five Wisconsin residents, including two who worked for community organizing group ACORN, were charged Monday with election fraud relating to the 2008 presidential election.
State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced felony charges against Maria Miles, Kevin Clancy, Michael Henderson, Herbert Gunka and Suzanne Gunka.
Miles and Clancy worked for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now and are accused of submitting multiple voter registration applications for the same individuals, including each other, to meet voter registration quotes imposed by the community organizing group. 
Henderson is charged with one count of voting by a disqualified person and providing false information to election officials. The allegation claims he was on a felony probation and prohibited from voting at the time. 
Herbert and Suzanne Gunka are each charged with double voting -- a felony -- by allegedly absentee voting and then going to the polls to vote. 
The story doesn’t end here. From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air we learn about how ACORN penalized workers who did not meet their daily quotas and how one young lady slept with her supervisor in order to avoid the quota system all together.
The Miles-Clancy complaint has some interesting allegations, which will undoubtedly create problems for ACORN in the future.  According to Maria Miles, ACORN required employees to register five people in a six-hour period.  Over the course of a week, that requirement gradually increased to 20 new registrants in a six-hour period.  If they failed to meet their goals on any one day, they would get docked an hour’s pay.  If they failed to meet that goal three days in a row, ACORN would fire them.
So instead of getting fired, ACORN workers began registering each other.  Not only did that protect their jobs, but one of them began having sex with the supervisor in order to keep from getting fired:
Miles indicated that at one point, Gabriele Robinson began sleeping with their supervisor, Edward Williams.  Miles stated she would go to Robinson’s residence and hang out for the day.  She stated at the end of the day, Williams signed off as though they had turned in their 20 signatures for that day, giving them their pay.  Miles stated that she and Robinson did this at least once a week, and that they received payments for those days when they did not turn in registrations because Robinson was sleeping with Williams.
Miles also advised the agents that the individuals would travel in groups and, if and individual registered a citizen to vote, the other SRDs would tell the citizen, “It doesn’t hurt if you sign this one also.”  Thus, multiple SRDs recorded a signature from the same person.  Miles stated that they were “all hoodlums” working for ACORN and they all had criminal histories, and that they were going to “do whatever they had to do” to be able to gain their money at the end of the day.
Morrissey has other items associated with this case, including allegations from the DA’s office that the police were dragging their feet on the voter fraud cases.

Once again the stench of ACORN rises. Even ACORN’s recent maneuver to hide itself by breaking up into its smaller organizations will not hide what they are up to. Too many people are on to them after 2008.  This is a good thing because the truly sinister part of ACORN is that they hide behind the noble cause of helping the disadvantaged while using the disadvantage to execute their corruption.

I hope the Wisconsin DA does not stop at these five. Instead, I hope Van Hollen presses upwards towards those who put these policies in place. We all know such action is going to have to happen on the state level, because on the Federal level, ACORN has some very influential friends.

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