Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Charlie Rangel steps down “temporarily”

After last night’s confusion about whether or not Rangel would step down from his role as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Rangel officially requested “a temporary leave of absence”.

This dude has some nerve. With all the shenanigans under his belt, he pulls this “temporary leave crap” and “no questions” nonsense. The truth of the matter is his leave is permanent. There is no way, Rangel is coming by before November and after November Democrat most likely will not control the House.

Nancy has filled Rangel’s spot with another hard lefty from California, Pete Stark. That ought to tell you which type of Democrat is running the show these days.  The fact that Democrats could not come together to save Rangel is very telling when it comes to health care. Saving Rangel would have been unpopular with the electorate, but not nearly as unpopular as foisting ObamaCare on us. If the Dems have no stomach to save Rangel, ramming though ObamaCare must be impossible.

Video H/T: The Right Scoop

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Janelle said...

If it wasn't for double standards, it appears that the left would have no standards at all.

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