Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doctors tell Obama, easy on the booze and cigarettes

Much is being said today about the doctors’ recommendations from Obama’s physical. All the talk centers on a little line in the UK Guardian:

The doctors also recommended "moderation of alcohol intake"

Needless to say there are many people wondering just how much does  Obama drink. I too must admit when I first saw the story up on Drudge, I immediately thought of that picture with him and Biden and thought is this proof Obama is a heavy drinker?  After reading the Guardian’s story, one immediately realizes that this is the same kind of advice, every doctor gives patients. My doctor tells me the same thing all the time, try to quit smoking and easy on the booze.

Full disclosure time: Another Black Conservative could have easily been called The Black Vodka Pundit, because I enjoy A vodka martini everyday before dinner. Drinking like this does not make one an alcoholic, but doctors do advise against it.

So in all fairness, despite the left being extremely cruel about Bush’s past drinking problems, I say leave Obama alone on this one. If the brother needs a beer or two to unwind after a day of spending us into oblivion, then let him be. Just one bit of advice I would give Obama: please drink the cheap stuff we’re broke!


SGT. Joe "Red" Hartsock said...

I caught this too, via Bob Parks's piece

Just a conservative girl said...

I agree, if he truly had a problem we would know about it. It is not an easy thing to hide if you are truly a drunk.

That is so funny that you brought up that picture you posted. That was one of the first things that I thought of when I heard this on the radio.

Opus #6 said...

I'm blown away that we are privy to this information at all. Does he not have doctor/patient privilege?

Clifton B said...

SGT. Joe,
Just a conservative girl and
Opus #6:

Sorry guys but blogger is having some crazy issues and it seems like I lost your comments.

Please feel free to post again. Sorry.

Liz said...

Cliff, I have got to disagree with you on this one. You have to be doing a lot of drinking for a doctor to tell you to moderate your alcohol intake. I know this because I have had in depth conversations with doctors about what is too much alcohol. I would like to know if Obama's liver reflected his alcohol consumption. I also don't think the president of the US should be drinking. He has the most important job in the entire world and drinking clouds everyone’s mind and effects their daily decisions. And then damn LIB media gave Bush crap for him drinking way before he was even president and then they all ignore this piece of advice from a team of doctors to Obama. Can you imagine the outrage and news headlines if doctors told Bush to moderate his alcohol intake while he was acting as president?

American Mom said...

Excellent point Cliff! While there are many issues to criticize our President on, there is no need to nitpick and make problems/controversy where none exist. Let's choose our battles and make sure they are legitimate. That is called taking the high road.

Jess said...

I'll take the high road. I have no qualms about pointing out the arrogance when it comes to healthcare.

All his actions have no bearing on his costs. They're covered. He's a made man.

Meanwhile, at the level of the private sector peon, unhealthy decisions change the rates of everyone on a healthcare plan. The result is where my employer now is: The end of a company plan. It's too expensive, thanks to the federal government and I'm being thrown to the wolves at middle age.

May they all share the same frustration and apprehension I now have, except may theirs be increased a thousand times.

Janelle said...

Is a vodka martini the same as a gin martini? Olives, and a splash of vermouth?

Anonymous said...

I guess maybe the woman speaking for the Congressional Black Caucus was speaking about Obama. After it was revealed that the CBC had accepted 55 million in donations from 2004-2008 (mostly from tobacco and alchohol companies),it was reported the CBC gave less than 300,000 dollars to further the education of minorities in 2008 (they spent 700,000 the same year for a party!) A spokeswoman said "blacks smoke cigarrettes and drink so we have every right to that money." Huh?

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