Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glenn Beck admits that Michelle Malkin was right about Massa

After watching the Massa interview you just knew Beck was going to have to admit that Michelle Malkin was right about not giving Massa airtime. When Beck and Malkn had their spat, I was sitting on the fence between the two, but 15 minutes into the interview, I said to myself Malkin nailed this.

As Massa was talking about his tickle fights, I kept saying to myself this guy is a liar. He is lying about the allegations, he is lying about not be a closet homo, he is lying about everything. Just like Beck, I was thinking to myself, throw this man out of the studio he is wasting our time.

In case you missed Beck’s radio show, here is a clip of what he had to say about the Massa interview.

Read what others are saying at Memeorandum. Major hat tip to The Right Scoop for the videos.


JMK said...

Sad stuff. Eric Massa is the kind of guy who'd give up any principle, throw anyone he knows under the bus to preserve his own position.

And YES, "All his talk about tickle fights, tussling a guy's hair, naked shouting matches in the showers and so on all came off like poor attempts to make closeted gay behavior sound innocent," is very true.

Clifton B said...


Massa is one sad sack of potatoes. I for one will be glad to hear the last of him. How on earth does someone like him end up in Congress?

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