Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is Obama buying votes for ObamaCare with judgeships?

Considering all the backroom wheeling and dealing that went on to get the Senate bill passed, this doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. 
From The Weekly Standard: Tonight, Barack Obama will host ten House Democrats who voted against the health care bill in November at the White House; he's obviously trying to persuade them to switch their votes to yes. One of the ten is Jim Matheson of Utah. The White House just sent out a press release announcing that today President Obama nominated Matheson's brother Scott M. Matheson, Jr. to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. 
It must be noted that Scott Matheson has a resume worthy of the position, but the timing of his appointment is oh so suspect.  Below is a list of the ten House Democrats that Obama hosted. Keep the names handy, and lets see if there is anything else that looks like a quid pro quo in the days to come.

Jason Altmire (PA)
Allen Boyd (FL)
Lincoln Davis (TN)
Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (SD)
Frank Kratovil (MD)
Edward Markey (CO)
Jim Matheson (UT)
Patrick J. Murphy (PA)
Heath Shuler (NC)
John Tanner (TN)


Just a conservative girl said...

I heard Levin talking about this tonight.

Ok, let's say for the sake of it, that the two are totally unrelated. It is still a bad thing, because the people around the president obviously do not understand that my perception is their reality. As both you and I have said in the past, image matters. They just don't get it.

And yes, I wouldn't be surprised at all if this were true.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Michelle Bachman is calling for an investigation into this as possible corruption. Good for her!

Jeff Stone said...

Makes one wonder what future careers await of all of the "retiring" Dems.

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