Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mover over Demon Sheep, here comes the Boxer Blimp

Do you remember Carly Fiorina’s Demon Sheep ad?  Of course you do, you are probably still having nightmares over it.  Well, Carly’s ad man is at it again. 
From the LA Times: The ad man who brought us Demon Sheep -- along with King Rat and other strange political fauna -- is back with another outlandish production.
Call it Fred’s Zeppelin.
Actually, it’s Barbara Boxer -- blown up and distended to grotesque proportion -- floating malevolently over a travel-scape of California: vineyards, palm trees, sandy beaches, Victorian homes, the Golden Gate Bridge.
The ad for GOP Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina features plenty of creator Fred Davis’ trademark humor, from the ominous opening scene, which portrays the U.S. Capitol as something out of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” to the finale, in which a pin-pricked Boxer sinks ignominiously into the sea.
But there’s also plenty of venom packed into the seven-minute web spot. “A problem-solver…a problem-causer,” goes one compare-and-contrast between Fiorina and the Democratic incumbent. You can guess who is who, and which is which. 
In comparison to the Demon sheep ad, this one is way better, albeit a tad too long for my taste. I love how they call Boxer out as an elitist who just talks, talks, talks and has only passed 3 bills in 18 years.  Ouch!  Here is the video, tell me what you think.

I think that was Left Coast Rebel's hand popping Boxer’s big head with the pin!


trinity said...

Yeah, that sheep ad was kind of bizarre. This ad is much better.

That is pretty darn sad that Boxer has only passed three bills, as long as she's been there. If she was in the private sector, she'd have been canned long ago for poor performance like that. She's definitely an doubt about that.

G said...

Considering her political philosophy, I am relieved the Embarrassment from California has only gotten three bills passed.

First time here, by the way, via Pundit and Pundette. Fantastic site and I love the banner pic with MLK.

Clifton B said...


Yes, the Demon Sheep was waaaay out there. This one made me laugh with it, not at it.

I am going to have to check that stat for Boxer. Eighteen years in Congress and she wrote 3 pieces of legislation? If it is true, shame on her and shame on California for sending her unproductive butt back there so many times.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC and thank you!

You are right, considering her ideology, we should be grateful she only wrote 3 bills!

yukio ngaby said...

Well, at least it wasn't suggesting that Californians were sheeple...

Okay I laughed once at the part "One who is calm and confident, or one who is... well... not so much." Screeching nails...

But, you know after the Demon Sheep, everything can really only be an improvement-- OK yeah, maybe not... but you'd have to work real hard to get something worse than the Demon Sheep. I mean like Ed Wood would have to come back to life and float some ideas for her campaign.

Besides, it's a little hard to be too critical of almost anything that's critical of Boxer that's not openly calling for violence or something.

Gotta agree. Too long.

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