Sunday, March 14, 2010

The New York Times is still on the “Obama is a god” shtick

This photo appears on the New York Times website under yet another health care story.  One would think after all the plunging poll numbers, a year with zero accomplishments and tons of divisiveness, the geniuses at the New York Times would have figured out by now that Obama isn’t a god. In every society there are Gods and Clods. Obama clearly falls in the Clod category.


Janelle said...

Obama is "Much Ado About Nothing".

Clifton B said...


Exactly and that is why it is so laughable to see the Times still pushing the god imagery.

Stogie said...

I'm surprised they didn't photograph him in front of that cross-like patch of light with his arms outstretched and his palms facing out. All he would need them would be a crown of thorns.


Clifton B said...


For a Godless people, they sure love the deity imagery.

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