Thursday, March 4, 2010

UPDATED: Pentagon on lockdown: Shooting at Pentagon Metro Station

There has been a shooting outside the Pentagon at the Pentagon Metro Station. The shots were fired around 6:30 PM EST.  It is reported that three people were injured.  Fox News is reporting that two of the three were Pentagon Security officers

Fox News: The Pentagon is on lockdown.
The officers and one other unknown person were taken to George Washington University Hospital's emergency room, officials said. Their condition was not immediately known.
The Metro entrance is yards away from the Pentagon.
The Blue-Yellow line at the Pentagon station is closed.
No one is being allowed in or out of the Pentagon.

Clearly we will be hearing a lot more about this as the story develops. I am especially curious about knowing how and why the Pentagon Security officers were involved

UPDATE: Shooter identified as John Patrick Bedell

From ABC News:
The suspect was identified as John Patrick Bedell, sources told ABC News and The Associated Press, which added that he was 36 years old. Keevill would only say the suspect was "an American citizen, as far as I know."
"The officers were emphatic about saying he was very calm, that there was no distress," Keevill said. "He had his arms down at his pocket. We see folks come up to the Pentagon every day that have their passes in different places. He reached into his pocket. They assumed he was going to get his pass out. He came out with a gun and just started shooting." 
The two Pentagon Security officers received only grazing injuries, while Bedell’s injuries were much more severe. All were taken to George Washington Hospital in DC.

Via: USA 9

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Just a conservative girl said...

I wouldn't necessarily read anything into the Pentagon security being involved. That exit is pretty heavily patrolled since 9/11. You walk out of the metro exit and the entrance to the Pentagon is basically right there. You need an ID to get into the Pentagon part, but there is also a public entrance/exit.

Of course there may be more to it. But it is a safer environment now then it was before 9/11.

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