Friday, March 12, 2010

Time for Democrats to take the Red Pill

In the movie the Matrix, the hero Neo, takes a red pill that sets him free from the false reality of the Matrix and allows him to see the real world as it is. Today, Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen offer Democrats a red pill of sorts, by pointing out the stark reality of their latest health care push.
Bluntly put, this is the political reality:
First, the battle for public opinion has been lost. Comprehensive health care has been lost. If it fails, as appears possible, Democrats will face the brunt of the electorate's reaction. If it passes, however, Democrats will face a far greater calamitous reaction at the polls. Wishing, praying or pretending will not change these outcomes.
Nothing has been more disconcerting than to watch Democratic politicians and their media supporters deceive themselves into believing that the public favors the Democrats' current health-care plan. Yes, most Americans believe, as we do, that real health-care reform is needed. And yes, certain proposals in the plan are supported by the public. 
However, a solid majority of Americans opposes the massive health-reform plan.Four-fifths of those who oppose the plan strongly oppose it, according to Rasmussen polling this week, while only half of those who support the plan do so strongly. Many more Americans believe the legislation will worsen their health care, cost them more personally and add significantly to the national deficit. Never in our experience as pollsters can we recall such self-deluding misconstruction of survey data. 
Cadell and Schoen go on from there.  I don’t think Nancy, Harry or Obama will heed to call to take the Red Pill. They are stuck firmly in the Matrix, and only wish to see America though their radical 1960’s agenda. The hope here is that enough rank and file Democrats will see the reality placed before them and abandon the foolish path laid out by the leadership.

Read the whole article, it is very much to the point and paints an accurate picture for the Dems.


trinity said...

The Dems lost all perspective on this a long time ago. This has become something akin of Captain Ahab and the white whale. The Dems are willing to pass this at their own peril. People who lack the ability to realize when something isn't going to work for them and for the country, don't belong in public office of any kind.

The Griper said...

talking about perspective, I'd appreciate some input from you and your readers on my latest post. it goes to the heart of the arguments cited in this post.

Grandma's viewpoint of economics

Janelle said...

trinity, both parties have lost perspective, just a matter of degree. I remain firmly in the camp of revolving door politicians. One of the best quotes I ever heard was :Politicians should be changed as frequently as diapers and for the same reasons".

Clifton B said...


I think the rank and file Dems may still have some perspective. For Obama and the Democrat leadership all hope is gone. They are in full Ahab mode.

Clifton B said...

The Griper:

Grandma, makes a very poignant point. Kudos to her analogy. I gave you blog of the day, everyone should check out the post.

Clifton B said...


Republicans have certainly lost perspective. I have seen only a few who get it. If I had to grant Republicans reelection so far I would only reelect Jim DeMint, Michelle Bachmann, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan.

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