Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chris Christie on collective bargaining

The Right Scoop: He says he’s all in with collective bargaining and he’d probably do a good job. I just wonder if he’s really considering the New Jersey taxpayer for the long term. More to the point, what happens when he’s gone and the unions get another lackey in the governor’s office? That must be a consideration.
Bingo, that is the exact problem with Christie's view on collective bargaining. Christie is thinking in the here and now, not long term.  What happens when a Democrat is in charge who has received massive contributions from the same unions he must negotiate with?  

What is needed are built in protections for the taxpayer so that no matter who is governor taxpayers cannot be hosed by unions.  The best way to achieve that is to curb the scope of collective bargaining. 

The problem for Christie is that he does not have the legislature to help him achieve long term changes.  In New Jersey Democrats still outnumber Republicans in both the Assembly and the Senate and no amount of Christie toughness can make them curtail collective bargaining. 

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