Friday, March 11, 2011

Katherine Hamm destroys Michael Moore's "national resource" theory

I love how this video puts our outrageous spending problem into perspective and kicks Michael Moore's foolishness to the curb.

You can read Katherine Hamm's article that accompanies this video here.


FIREBIRD said...

Michael Moore is a product of government run schools... he's a nut case and he looks like he needs a hot shower!

Chris said...

@FIREBIRD, Agreed. But the part about the shower... no human being should be subjected to thinking about Moore in a shower. I. Just. Died. Rather sobering that combining the wealth of all of the US billionaires still comes up short on the deficit of 2011. On another note, Katherine is easy on the eyes... does she have a man?

Bigvic said...

I can see you don't post people's opinions who are different than yours, and contradict what you are arguing. I notice "conservatives" (personally I view you all as reactionaries, I consider myself to be a conservative in the traditional sense of the word) don't like to engage in arguments where difficult reasoning prevails in dismantling their arguments. I am not offended, just a little bit surprised.

bd said...

abc ref bv: thank you

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