Monday, March 21, 2011

Palin to Isreal: Why are you apologizing all the time?

After speaking in India at the India Today Conclave, Sarah Palin traveled to Israel for a two day trip. Palin took in the sights and had a private dinner with Netanyahu and his wife. While visiting the Western Wall and upon learning that Jews cannot openly pray at the Temple Mount, Sarah asked a simple, yet profound question to her Jewish guides; "Why are you apologizing all the time?”

Will Jacobson from Legal Insurrection perfectly details just how profound Sarah's question is. I think the question is a great precursor to the really big question Israel must ask for itself and that is "what exactly has bending over backwards to the Palestinians bought for Israel"? It certainly isn't peace.

Clearly a Palin presidency will bring a brand new dimension to the Middle East peace problem. Perhaps a new perspective is exactly what is needed to finally solve the problem.

You can read more about Palin's visit to Israel here, and here. View video at Nice Deb and see more pictures at CBS News.

Via: Mememorandum
Via: ABC News
Via: Legal Insurrection
Via: Jerusalem Post
Via: Conservatives 4 Palin
Via: Nice Deb
Via: CBS News


Atlanta Roofing said...

She's doing all this to cause damage and profit from it, while trying to make herself seem like a hero. She's no patriot and like her side, she's willing to ruin her country she claims to love as long as she's has a financial safe house to protect her like Bachmann, Boehner, GOP/Tea Party, Beck, and others who are nothing but frauds. The damage of our country mostly comes from them and keep on piling it up so that Obama will never get finished on cleaning it up.

Clifton B said...

Atlanta Roofing:

With all due respect, put the crack pipe down.

How does Palin's visit to Israel cause damage? Did she do anything different than Obama when he went to Israel before his campaign?

As far as ruining the country, you seem to forget, Palin is a private citizen now. She holds no elected office and cannot institute all policies. So if the country is in a mess blame those who are in charge.

Obama and the Democrats have push the nation to the financial brink with they wild borrowing and spending. All the Palin hating in the world cannot change that fact.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

I am not a supporter of Israel at our expense and the Mid-East. Misses Paline is a neoconservative and Evangelical whoms politics(at least certain international affairs) and religion is centered around Israel

Leon Kushner said...

Clifton, thanks so much for posting this. Too bad about the idiots that posted here. I suggest we ignore them.
I love Palin and certainly wish that she'd run again for something. We badly need leaders like her at this shaky time.
Israel, along with the rest of the world has also been brainwashed into appeasing its enemies. It's certainly time that they stop apologizing and appeasing everyone else. It's time to look after # 1. Israelis.

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