Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Herman Cain: Planned Parenthood's mission is "planned genocide" for black babies

During a Q and A session at The Heritage Foundation, Herman Cain laid a serious smackdown on Planned Parenthood.
CNN: Speaking to reporters and bloggers at the Heritage Foundation, Cain echoed a position expressed by many other Republicans.
“I support de-funding Planned Parenthood,” Cain said. “Tactically how they [Congress] does it…I can’t tell you.”
Cain then explained the reason behind his stance.
“You probably don’t hear a lot of people talking about this,” Cain said. “When Margaret Sanger – check my history – started Planned Parenthood, the objective was to put these centers in primarily black communities so they could help kill black babies before they came into the world.”
“It's planned genocide,” Cain claimed.
“It’s carrying out its original mission,” he continued. “I’ve talked to young girls who go in there, and they [Planned Parenthood] don’t talk about how you plan parenthood. They don’t talk about adoption as an option. They don’t say, ‘Well, bring your parents in so we can sit down and talk with you, and counsel with you before you make this decision.’”
Wow, Cain is bound to stir the hornets' nest with that statement. There is nothing that drives the left insane faster than when you peel back their phony veneer of compassion and expose the evil inside. To date only Palin seems brave enough to do that (i.e. death panels and blood libel).

Of course Planned Parenthood responded immediately, but the best part is they didn't have a damn thing to say about Margaret Sanger. How could they?
“Herman Cain is clearly out of the mainstream by supporting an extreme proposal that would bar Planned Parenthood health centers from receiving federal funds for any purpose, including for preventive health care, lifesaving cancer screenings, breast exams, birth control, HIV testing and STD testing and treatment,” said Veronica Byrd, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s director of African-American Media. “The care that Planned Parenthood provides benefits all women, especially African-American women who experience higher rates of illness.”
Byrd continued: “Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses provide affordable, health care to every woman who comes through the doors of one of our 800 health centers, regardless of where she lives, her race or ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, or income level. We are committed to providing every woman with a full range of high quality health care.”

As for the claim regarding African-American babies, Byrd cited a study that “found that fewer than one in 10 abortion clinics are located in predominantly African-American neighborhoods.”
Byrd did not respond directly to Cain’s words about its founder, Margaret Sanger.
But Planned Parenthood’s website heaps praise on her as a hero in the “fight for women’s health, rights and equality.”
I think about those sting videos and how those Planned Parenthood workers seemed like there was no barrier to great to stop them from giving abortions and I cannot imagine a situation where a young black girl would be offered any real choice to save her baby at Planned Parenthood.

An honest discussion about abortion in the black community is way over due. Unfortunately, too many times when tough issues like abortion are brought up, too many defenders of the status quo in the black community prefer to shoot the messenger rather than discuss the issue. 

For current statistics on abortion in the black community see CDC's latest report and New York City's Vital Statistics Report.

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Just a conservative girl said...

I heart him, just absolutely heart him.

Anonymous said...

Awesome !
Go Herman !
It's time somebody did the ugly underbelly of PP and its genocidal founder, Margaret Sanger.

SB Smith

Clifton B said...


Cain is securing a solid spot on my short list for 2012. One of my main concerns about him is if he is a street fighter. This is going to be his proving ground.

Clifton B said...

SB Smith:

Quite a few people have called out Margaret Sanger, but Cain is gaining in stature. I hope he keeps on doing it despite whatever backlash comes.

Angie Lee said...

I heart Herman, also - have for some time.

As to the other "services" PP allegedly provides (i.e., screenings, birth control, etc.), this can all be done through the government department we already throw untold sums of money to, the Health Department. Why pay a PRIVATE organization to do it, if the government entity is TEH AWESOME (as all government entities supposedly are, per liberal thinking)? It's redundant, needless, and utterly USELESS.

Kinda explains all things liberal, though, "DON'T IT"?

FIREBIRD said...

Finally someone is on this who has credentials to speak. I will never understand why the left is so insistent on keeping abortion available as a means of birth control. And there is NO RIGHT to an abortion in the Constitution - nowhere, no how! I really admire Cain for his crusade - I hope he opens many an eye to this crime!

Marian said...

Thank you, Mr.Cain!
Faithful folks in the trenches have been telling the truth about Planned Parenthood for a very long time, but they do not have the big stage.
With the recent release of former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson's book, Unplanned, talking about the goals of PP to INCREASE abortions ("'Non-profit' is our tax status, not our business model") and with more and more people who have a stage speaking the truth, I pray that some minds will open to the truth.
One of the most choice Sanger gems, in my opinion: "We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten that idea out if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Intentionally hiding behind black ministers and "civil rights"? Oh, yes. Disgusting.
(More discussion of the topic "Is Planned Parenthood still racist today?" : )

Leah said...

SO happy someone from the black community stood up and said this!!!! AWESOME! and as a mom who is waiting for a baby to adopt--let me tell you..anything we can do to rid the world of planned parenthood is a WONDERFUL thing!!!

Clifton B said...

Angie Lee:

Oh how right you are. There is no need to fund Planned Parenthood other than to indirectly funnel money to abortions. That is its real reason for existence.

Clifton B said...


I will never understand why the left is so insistent on keeping abortion available as a means of birth control.

It is the collectivist attitude. Liberals look at disadvantaged groups and feel that children born to them will always suffer, therefore it is more compassionate not to have them born. But we know that despite the statistics it is impossible to tell how any individual will turn out if given the chance at life.

Clifton B said...


I am always amazed at how many blacks simply do not know about Margaret Sanger and her true intentions. Especially those brothers and sisters who are forever on the watch for rightwing racism, they always miss the racism right under their own nose.

Clifton B said...


There have been members of the black community who have been speaking up on this issue. Unfortunately, far too few. Cain will no doubt shed more light on the subject.

Also I hope your waiting to adopt is short and smooth!

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