Wednesday, March 2, 2011

House passed two week spending bill

Fox News: WASHINGTON -- The House passed a stopgap two-week spending bill with $4 billion in cuts Tuesday, sending the measure on for likely passage in the Senate as Congress tries to avert a partial shutdown of government.
The House voted 335-91 in favor of the measure. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said it would pass "in the next 48 hours." The current stopgap bill expires on Friday.
Democrats preferred a 30-day spending bill but Republicans rejected that idea.
Republicans would not have to have played this silly game if back in November they started to loudly and consistently beat the drum that We're Broke!

Democrats will happily accept the minuscule $4 billion in cuts and then use the two weeks to portray it as $4 trillion in cuts. Any further attempt by Republicans to cut more will allow the Democrats to return to their "draconian" nonsense.

Thankfully the Republicans have another quiver for their bow, the General Accounting Office's new report detailing waste in duplicate government programs.

Even during the State of the Union address Obama made note of getting ride of such waste. I doubt Obama could be hypocritical enough to deny cutting such programs in such a short amount of time.

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Al said...

Hi Clifton

We can only hope President Obama is a man of his word.

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