Thursday, March 10, 2011

VIDEO: NPR Sting Part 2

James O'Keefe has released the second part of the NPR sting.  This one includes telephone conversations between NPR exec Betsy Liley (the gal in the first video) and the fake Muslims.  In the telephone conversations Liley offers to hide the $5 million from a government audit.
The Blaze: James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas have just released part two of their NPR investigation, which claims to show an NPR executive telling a fake Muslim donor how his group can be shielded from a government audit if it donates $5 million.
The video features phone calls between a member of O‘Keefe’s fake Muslim organization and Betsy Lily, the NPR executive who played a supporting role in the original video. It is a lengthy 44 minutes long, but that‘s because O’Keefe claims it also includes the unedited phone calls.
“Senior Director of NPR Betsy Liley says she may be able to shield from a govt audit $5mm donation from a reporter posing as a donor from Muslim Brotherhood front group,” the video’s YouTube description says.
Ms. Liley had better get her resume in order, because I think another head is going to roll at NPR.


Euripides said...

I'd like to think that NPR would get all sorts of grief from these videos, but the modern leftist way will turn around and blame O'Keefe and right wing radicals for being evil - classic Alinsky misdirection of the real problem.

Anonymous said...

The left has a lot of enemies they can blame on. If they wake up with a headache, it's the international evil business reptiles that poisoned their water.

Getting into an argument with them about anything they'll just list a long list of evil people, therefore it's completely reasonable to tax everyone else for things they want.

And if all else failed, they'll find one photo of a white racist, they'll claim everything you said is wrong because there's one white guy that's obviously a racist. They NEVER ever take personal responsibility.

I need to stop arguing with 40 year olds with the brain power of a 9 year old.

2nd Anony

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