Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Video: Media ignoring Socialist revolution at Chicago Anti-War rally

Breitbart TV: Chicago media reported on a recent march in Chicago as being an "Anti-War" march organized by students and "faith based groups" who "hope to spark change in our democracy." What they left out was the clear fact that the march and rally had much less to do with the Iraq war than it did about a far-left socialist agenda. Citizen journalist "Rebel Pundit" provides the information the media chose not to tell their viewers.
Meanwhile, one moron brings a stupid "witch doctor" sign to a Tea Party rally and we have a week's worth of stories about the '"racism in the Tea Party."
Nothing too surprising here for us on the right. At left wing rally after left wing rally, international socialist and communist groups and have been coming out of the woodwork. However, videos like this may prove helpful to some of our friends on the left.

This weekend two of my dearest lefty friends stayed over.  Inevitably, we got to talking about politics and the subject of socialists high jacking the Democratic Party came up.  I showed them video after video of socialists at all kinds of left wing rallies, from pro-illegal immigration rallies in Arizona to pro-union rallies in Wisconsin and even the anti-cuts rallies in the UK. While my left wing friends did not concede that I was right, the look on their faces told me all I needed to know.  They felt snookered. 

The lesson here is to save these videos, make a nice library of them and pass them on to any old school liberal friend you may know. It might just be the eye opener they need.

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trinity said...

I think lefties are basically followers anyway. This being the case, it leaves them wide open to being "snookered." To me, it's just a small jump from progressive to socialist or communist anyway.

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