Monday, March 21, 2011

Libya: For me only questions and no really good answers

Operation Odyssey Dawn has begun. According to Obama this is a "limited military action" with the United States "acting with a broad coalition" "for the protection of the Libyan people" OK I get that part. Gaddafi was slaughtering his people and sitting by and doing noting is not an easy thing to stomach. However, choosing to do something is when all the big questions begin.

Just Libya?

Revolts are happening all across the Middle East and not all of them will won like Egypt. Dictators in the Middle East saw what happened to Mubarak and are not about to repeat his mistake. As these dictators turn on their own people in order to stay in power, what are we to do when those people cry out to us for help? After helping Libya what justification will we have to say no to the rest?

Is it too late?

John McCain said yesterday that Obama waited too long to act and this opens up a whole new question. Three weeks ago when the Libyan rebels has momentum on their side, a No Fly Zone may have led to the swift defeat of Gadaffi. Today however after Gadaffi has successfully cut down and cornered the rebels, a No Fly Zone may very well help create a stalemate between Gadaffi and rebel forces. Even now, Gadaffi remains quite defiant. If so, just how long are we suppose to continuing supporting military efforts.

Will the coalition last?

What happens should a stalemate develop? Will France and the UK have what it takes to stay in the fight or will they simply find a way to dump this in the United States' lap? Where is the guarantee that we won't get stuck holding the bag at a time when we can least afford it, both militarily and financially?

From what I have been reading and listening too, I have to admit I don't see any solid answers to these questions. Before we let fly with the first Tomahawk cruise missile, we really should have nailed down the answers.

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Janelle said...

Clifton, it's been a week or more and there was packing for Rio going on....why would he pay attention until he was told to speak? The timing of this is terrible, not his going, but the whole family vacation, once again.

Clifton B said...


The vacation thing is so out of hand. For the love of God, we are broke. Can't the Obama just make due with a couple of weekends at Camp David?

Mr. Mcgranor said...

This is not for Israel but for democracy. Either way i oppose the intervetion.

Why are not the rebels being supplied with adequate firepower?

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