Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scary: Jesse Jackson Jr. wants to change the Constitution to solve unemployment

I am not sure what is more frightening, Jesse Jackson Jr. wanting to spend massive amounts of money we clearly do not have or the fact that he has no clue about how the Constitution works.

If we start with the spending spree, where exactly is the money suppose to come from for free homes, ipods and laptops? As things stands now, Democrats had to lie their ass off just to fool enough people into believing we could afford ObamaCare. Furthermore, how does free Ipods and laptops improve life for ghetto kids?  Just because one has those items doesn't mean you will utilize them for educational purposes.

Jackson's idea of calling things like housing, education and healthcare "rights" shows such a complete misunderstanding of what our Constitution does.  Our constitution was not designed to "give" rights to people.  It was designed to protect our God given rights i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These rights belong to every man, woman and child from the moment they are born.  Thus they can never be granted or taken away.  Our constitution exist to safeguard these universal God given rights from a tyrannical government.

The things that Jesse Jr. wants the Constitution to protect as rights are the very things, if government is kept in check, we are all free to pursue on our own and to the degree that satisfies us individually. It is this complete misunderstanding of how our nation is suppose to work why I caution fellow conservatives about changing the Constitution in this day and age.  Currently, we do not have enough adults on either side of the aisle to responsibly modify the nation's guiding law. 

Via: The Blaze


FIREBIRD said...

O !
M !
G !

Bz said...

Ok ...stay with me here... is this for real?!??? I mean .. REALLY? I see only part of one other suit in there.. and who knows who he's talking to.
Call it my absolute astonishment if/that people can REALLY feel/think this way--maybe that's why my 1st thought is: "Is this for REAL!?!"
(I know, I know... scare-ingly enough, I'm betting it is).

Adam said...

*Mouth drops open*

I echo the above. This is a joke right? He can't possibly think this will work. Making healthcare, "decent" homes, and education rights will create jobs? How?! Many people aren't cut out for those careers or just don't want to do them. The medical industry is starving for people right now and they still can't get enough people. Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or nurse.

And laptops? iPods?! When did the constitution become Santa Claus?

bd said...


to all: take note - "in the small/in-slices/in-variation", such thinking could be evidenced by upwards of 30-40% of our fellow americans; if so, this represents a huge area of fertile ground for the hard left to sow their divisive bigotry - this is what we are up against...


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