Thursday, March 3, 2011

WI Republican senators threaten Fleebaggers with contempt

Journal Sentinel: Madison — - Pressure ratcheted up on absent Senate Democrats Thursday, as they were found in contempt by GOP senators and Gov. Scott Walker said he will start sending out layoff notices to state unions and workers by the end of Friday if the standoff over his budget-repair bill isn't resolved.
"Even today I hold out some hope that this can be resolved by the Senate coming back," Walker said in an interview Thursday. "But by the end of the day tomorrow, we have a legal and a moral obligation to start forewarning people."
Walker has said that he would seek the layoffs of up to 1,500 state employees in an attempt to save $30 million to help address the state's fiscal problems. He said he would seek to protect workers in round-the-clock jobs such as prison guards and medical staff.[...]
Also Thursday, Republicans in the state Senate found Democrats in contempt - a move that means Democrats could be taken into custody.
"We simply cannot have democracy be held hostage because the minority wants to prove a point," said Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau).
The Senate adopted the resolution to find Democrats in contempt on a 19-0 vote. It says they are violating a Senate rule that requires senators to receive a leave of absence before being absent for a day.
Fitzgerald said that Republicans were initially "nervous" about taking such a step but that Democrats have created a "constitutional crisis."
"This is not about a budget-repair bill or about politics," Fitzgerald said. "This is much bigger than that and the minority party has forced our hand . . .  They're insulting the very fabric of our representative democracy."
Well duh, these actions should have been done on day one. Lawmakers simply walking out to get their way is not what democracy is all about. The Fleebaggers are creating a crazy situation in Wisconsin and the foot dragging by the Republican senators only makes it worse.

I guess after that when Glenn Grothman got caught in that crowd, the Republicans realized just how crazy thing are going to get the longer this drags out. If they were smart they would ready the nuke option pronto.

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Euripides said...

Of course the leftist Dems are blocking the democratic process. Leftist doctrine would like to see democracy done away with in order to create a new, kinder, gentler society.

Fortunately we're not so much under the thumb of statism that we can't turn the trend back to the ideals of limited government.

BlackHand said...

Something I’ve been wondering about: If Walker eventually gets his bill passed, can it be reversed by a simple majority? And can they undo that nitwit ‘super-majority’ bill on taxes by simple majority?

Atlanta Roofing said...

FINALLY. something is being done about this 14 Wisconsin state senators who are CHICKEN to cast a vote. Just Do It... cast your Yes or No vote and be done with it already. Those union members counting on your NO vote with have proof of your standing and support you in the next election. If you vote YES you'll have the support of the Republicans, Independents and the Democrats who are FINANCIAL conservatives.

Clifton B said...


What we are witnessing is "the end justify the means" run amok.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC.

From what I understand the bill can be repealed in total with 3/5th vote in the Senate and a simple majority in the Assembly. They can repeal the collective bargaining with just a simple majority. However, both options will require a new governor. Thanks to Democrats the WI governor has super powerful line item veto power that almost allows him to rewrite anything the legislature passes.

The super majority re: taxes is part of WI's constitution and that will take a lot to undo.

Clifton B said...

Atlanta Roofing:

Fleeing is the only thing the Democrats can do to stop the bill and their union masters demand nothing less. That is why the WI Republicans should not have wasted one second being kind. The second the Dems fled, they should have split the bill and pass what they could with a simple majority.

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