Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trump releases his official birth certificate

Yesterday I told you that Trump may have deliberately released an unofficial copy of his birth certificate so that he could quickly turn around and release the original. The idea behind this is twofold. First, to weaken the argument that there is no difference between a certificate of live birth and a long form birth certificate. It will be harder to make that argument after everyone made a stink of what Trump released yesterday. Second, the stunt was designed to show how quick and easy it is to silence suspicions and criticism by just producing the document.
ABC News: Trump, who has been putting pressure on Obama lately to make public his long-form birth certificate from Hawaii, decided to set a good example and release his own on Monday. Only problem was, the document that Trump provided to the conservative Website Newsmax wasn't his actual birth certificate, but rather a "hospital certificate of birth."
On Tuesday, Trump, who is contemplating a presidential run in 2012, sought to correct the oversight, providing a copy of his official birth certificate issued by the New York City Department of Health to ABC News. [...]
The image came with an accompanying memo from a member of Trump's staff.

"A 'birth certificate' and a 'certificate of live birth' are in no way the same thing, even though in some cases they use some of the same words," wrote Trump staffer Thuy Colayco in a message to ABC News. "One officially confirms and records a newborn child’s identity and details of his or her birth, while the other only confirms that someone reported the birth of a child. Also, a 'certificate of live birth' is very easy to get because the standards are much lower, while a 'birth certificate' is only gotten through a long and detailed process wherein identity must be proved beyond any doubt. If you had only a certificate of live birth, you would not be able to get a proper passport from the Post Office or a driver’s license from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Therefore, there is very significant difference between a 'certificate of live birth' and a 'birth certificate' and one should never be confused with the other."
Trump's little stunt is going to give him more ammo in his birth certificate battle. A battle I am sure is designed more to promote his own brand, rather than his presidential aspirations.

Note: As someone who was born in New York City, I would like to point out that the copy of the birth certificate Trump released today is the original from way back in the day. Many agencies no longer accept the old style birth certificates because they were so easy to alter. The examples I showed yesterday, are the ones currently issued by New York City's Department of Health. You can get the new versions in about an hour for $15.

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Via: ABC News


OldSouth said...

Hmmm..wouldn't be so sure about this being a stunt to burnish his brand. His brand is doing just fine, thank you.

He, very likely, is running for the office. He's a very focused and organized individual, not prone to wasting time and energy, and does not suffer fools gladly.

But that hair thing...hmmm.

Steverino said...

Many states are going to the "short form" birth certificates, rather than keeping photostatic copies of originals, as they have in the past.

My son, born in Colorado, is unable to get anything but the "short form" certificate from Colorado. He's asked repeatedly, and been told there is no way he can get the long form now.

Both the long and short forms carry the same legal weight: they are both certified by the state, they both contain all the relevant facts of birth (date, time, city, parents' names).

It may well be that Obama simply can't get a copy of his "long form" birth certificate. Since the short form has all the facts we need to know his eligibility for office and carries the same legal weight as the long form, I'm truly mystified why people keep pushing the issue.

Except for Donald Trump, who is doing exactly what you said: pushing his own brand.

Lisa said...

This is very interesting. I do not consider myself a "birther" but I do wonder how this will stir the debate, if it does. I wonder if he is doing this purely to create publicity for himself or if he is trying to make a statement about Obama's birth certificate "issue".

Atlanta Roofing said...

Trump is every bit as morally and intellectually bankrupt as any of his potential GOP nomination rivals. All he has managed to prove is that he matches all the others in block-headed stupidity and the lack of any positive ideas for moving this country forward.

Montana said...

I really hope one of these retreads and blowhards runs for president, not because they have a chance of winning but because I like to see the train wreck that they will cause.

Faux News Candidates:
former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ”The I graduated Early”,
former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga. “The I Love The Interns”,
former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee “The Huckster Reverend”,
former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa. “The I Love the Gays”,
former UN Ambassador John Bolton “The I Love The War ”

I Finance Myself:
real estate celebrity developer & 1999 US Prez. Candidate, Donald Trump, “I took my Casino into Bankruptcy, just imagine where I can Take the US”
former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “The Flip-Flopping Fudger”,
former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush “The I Am Not My “Dumb Ass” Brother”,

Employed Long Shots:
Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. “The History, I Don’t Need No Stink’n History”,
Mississippi Gov./ former tobacco lobbyist, Haley Barbour “The last White Hope”

Clifton B said...

Old South:

I am pretty confident Trump is not serious about running. This isn't the first time he said he would run and didn't. He also used the limelight of his past attempted runs to highlight his new show.

Trump is excellent at getting the media to pay him attention. The question is what exactly does he want the attention for this time?

Yeah, I have always wondered why a guy with money would sport such a nasty comb over.

Clifton B said...


I never believed that the issue around Obama's birth certificate had anything to do with him not being born here. If he wasn't then that would mean two countries would have to conspire to keep it a secret and that is just too hard to believe.

I do however believe there maybe something embarrassing on his birth certificate (i.e. religion or real name) that might have cost him the election.

Trump will get massive press from his stunt because the media has designated themselves as Obama's defender. So anyone who flirts with birtherisms is bound to get a butt load of attention.

Clifton B said...


I too want to see where this all ends. It is an interesting distraction so long as it doesn't spill into the general election.

Clifton B said...

Atlanta Roofing:

Speaking of blockheads, do you care to comment on the absolute stupidity of the Democrats for whining about a government shutdown when it was their fault for not passing a budget last year? Nothing can be more block-headed than that.

Clifton B said...


Thank you for your comment. For about a month I have been telling my readers how the left is desperate for distractions in the 2012 elections, so Obama does not have to account for his poor performance on jobs, the economy and the debt. You have provided an excellent example of what I am talking about.

Any Republican with the discipline to stay on message and hammer Obama on those three issues, will find themselves in the White House come January 2013.

marybelle said...

Republicans can walk and chew gum at the same time. I hope all the Republican candidates publicly release their full birth certificates with a big flourish just to emphasize how opaque and secretive Obama has been by comparison. I love the optics of that.

What Trump is doing actually helps keep a relentless focus on Obama's duplicity as well as, and including, his poor performance on jobs, the debt and the economy.

By pulling this stunt, Trump is helping to re-legitimize asking any and all questions in 2012 about Obama's past that were deliberately glossed over or obfuscated by the MSM in '08.

bd said...

ref abc commentary/responses: nice (maybe somewhat too kind to montana)

yes, dt is having fun and making money

let the "serious" contenders stay on message, remain focused on principled ideology and gov policy

however, dt is providing a valuable service by being a thorn - enough to cause squealing on the left but not so much as to be a distraction from the "serious" candidates

at the end of the day, bho should be held accountable to the cause of "transparency"

Montana said...

Clifton B:

The only party that is desperate are the Republicans, but its to “kill the middle class”, they will lose!

Let me just say that Trump may just be “rattling the Birthers cages”, he can run or he may have grown accustomed to media attention this non-issue would create.

Our current President travelled under a USA passport long before he was elected President, but I guess the quacky BIRTHERS, must believe that the USCIS - United States Passport was in on the lie, please, grow up, you are wrong!

The Birthers just HATE and can't debate!
Have any of the quacky BIRTHERS presented any credible proof that will standup in court? Answer: No
Have any of the quacky BIRTHERS won any Court Cases? Answer: No
They are just mainly backward, uneducated, white people who HATE our half black President.

The majority of the voting public ask “where the proof”, show some proof BIRTHERS or the voting majority will continue to see you as dumb, stupid or racist, maybe all three. Can you blame them?

The only thing better than this is if “Sarah Palin” and Michele Bachmann join the run.

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