Sunday, March 7, 2010

UPDATED: American Al Qaeda terrorist Adam Gadahn captured in Pakistan

Here is a bit of good news for a Sunday afternoon. American born Al Qaeda terrorist Adam Gadhan has been captured in Pakistan. 
MSNBC: KARACHI, Pakistan - Adam Yahiye Gadahn, a U.S.-born spokesman for al-Qaida, has been captured in Pakistan, government sources said Sunday.
Gadahn was arrested in recent days, two officers who took part in the operation told The Associated Press. A senior government official also confirmed the arrest. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information.
An intelligence source confirmed the report to NBC News, adding that Gadahn was detained in Sohrab Goth, a suburb of Karachi, and was later moved to the capital Islamabad. 
Now that Pakistan has started taking the terrorist threat seriously, the big Al Qaeda names are falling like dominos. Of course the left is singing the praises of Obama on terror. You know what?  Let them, like Will Jacobson points out at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion when it comes to taking out these terrorist, we should all be on the same page.

I do have one question though, who is going to handle the interrogation and if it is the U.S. exactly what procedure will we follow?  Gadahn is a U.S. citizen so in his case Constitutional rights actually apply. It will be worth keeping an eye on how his case is handled.

UPDATE: False Alarm, man in custody is Abu Yahya

From CBS News:
An "important Taliban militant" was arrested today in Pakistan. But that is where the confusion started. 

Earlier it was reported by Pakistani media that intelligence agents had arrested Adam Gadahn, the American-born spokesman for al Qaeda, in an operation in the southern city of Karachi. 
It was further reported by the Associated Press and Reuters that Gadahn had been arrested, sourcing security officials. 
CBS News was told by sources in the Pakistan government that it was Gadahn, even after U.S. officials refused to confirm it was the California native for whom a $1 million reward has been posted. 
Now, CBS News' Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad writes that earlier reports the detained individual was Gadahn proved false. According to a Pakistan security official who spoke with CBS News on condition of anonymity, the arrested individual is in fact "a Taliban militant leader who is known as Abu Yahya." 
The official said evidence compiled from an interrogation of the suspect and information exchanged with U.S. officials verified the man's identify. 
The reassessment only added to the confusion surrounding the arrest of a man earlier described by other unnamed Pakistani security officials as Gadahn. 
"In the light of our latest information, I can say, this is not looking like Gadahn. But it is still the arrest of an important Taliban militant," said the Pakistani security official who spoke to CBS News late Sunday.  

While it would have been awesome to have had captured that turncoat Gadahn, we should still rejoice that another terrorist is out of commission. 



Just a conservative girl said...

I am glad to read that you and I are on the same page about his constitutional rights.

It is also good to see that the Pakistani's are finally starting to realize that they are in just as much peril as we are as far as Islamic extremists are concerned. If left wants to take credit for it, let them. The Pakistani's need to be encouraged to keep up the good work. Maybe we will get UBL one day.

Will said...

This is fine news all the way around. I'm glad the President is taking the war seriously. As "Just a conservative girl" points out, it's good the Pakistani government has realized just how dire their situation is and are playing hardball. And I'm glad that this traitorous punk is going to be brought to justice.

I'll fight the president and his party tooth and nail on the budget and health-care fiasco, but they've got my support on the war so long as they continue to get results.

Clifton B said...


Yes, I will bash Obama left, right and center when I think he is wrong. However, when we get good results like capturing Al Qaeda members I will happily shut my mouth.

We should all realize that Gadahn (when captured) actually is deserving of Constitutional rights and his foreign cohorts are not. It is pretty straight forward.

Clifton B said...


"I'll fight the president and his party tooth and nail on the budget and health-care fiasco, but they've got my support on the war so long as they continue to get results."


Bastiat Fan said...

Would it be mean of me to suggest that they take this oxygen-thief out back and shoot him?

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