Saturday, March 13, 2010

How come CNN cannot find the Astroturf behind the Coffee Party like Left Coast Rebel can?

Today CNN takes a crack at promoting the heavily Astroturf Coffee Party. CNN gives a glowing review of the party and glowing profiles of some of the members. CNN, a massive international news organization, with staff in the thousands cannot run a simple Google search like my buddy Left Coast Rebel.

Left Coast Rebel, a guy sitting in his house just like the rest of use can spend an hour or two of his free time and find the following:

  • Stacy Hopkins is a black leftist radical.
  • Alex Oxford is a big time gay rights activist.
  • Tony Anderson has ties to Van Jones. 

Just imagine what Left Coast Rebel could find if CNN gave him an expense account!

CNN’s Coffee Party review equals an Epic Fail at best and collusion to left wing Astrotrufing as worst. Shame on you CNN!

Via: CNN


Left Coast Rebel said...

Awesome summary! Who's this LCR guy that you speak of? Is he for-hire?

Clifton B said...

Left Coast Rebel:

Naw, I hear that LCR guy likes to hang out at home bloggin' in his pajamas!

Left Coast Rebel said...

Haha, indeed! Likewise!

RightCoast said...

I have famous and smart bloggers friends I follow so, I'm in the know as opposed to CNN that's in the Bo.

Clifton B said...

Right Coast:

You made a rhyme! By the way, Love your blog!

american girl in italy said...

Did CNN point out how white and old the coffee party peeps are in the photo?

RightCoast said...

Thanks Clifton and as you you know it's the mutual admiration society here!

Clifton B said...

American Girl in Italy:

It is very funny you mention that, there is a video of the Coffee Party movement today that shows all the groups meeting and what do you know, they are predominately white too.

Clifton B said...

Right Coast:

Much thanks :-D

Anonymous said...

Everyday I wonder why Mainstream "journalist" don't perpetually hang their heads in shame.

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