Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 16, 2010: The People’s Surge Against ObamaCare 2.0

Freedom Works is organizing a massive rally on Washington to let Obama and his band of Constitutional Butchers know that we do not want ObamaCare!  If ever there was a time to march on DC, this is it. Obama, Nancy and the rest of the Democratic leadership is exerting maximum pressure on House Democrats to jump off the cliff and vote for this monstrosity. We need to exert the same amount of pressure and let them those Democrats know that when we say NO ObamaCare, we mean NO ObamaCare!

Dan Riehl lays out what is at stake:
[...]The Left’s political arguments must be confronted forcefully, even outrageously at times if that’s what it takes to get through. Think of it in terms of what Andrew Breitbart is doing in the world of media activism today.
He is calling them out, confronting them, exposing them for what they are and what they believe. And when you prick them like that, theydo bleed. Figuratively speaking, if we don’t make them bleed, we will lose. We have been playing politely for decades now. And America has only continued its slide to the Left. And in the face of a pending vote on Obama Care, there is no more room left to give.
I’m not advocating violence. But I am advocating confrontation. Otherwise, most especially now, this one in the White House and his Congressional colleagues seem content to ignore you – to shine you on and you will get only what they choose to give you in the end. That is not the lot of the free man, or woman. It is the lot of the slave, the serf, if you prefer.
That’s why you have to try as best you can to be in DC on March 16th. It’s time to prick, poke, and prod them and make their house of cards cave in. If you don’t do it, now, don’t expect your children, or your grandchildren to do it. If, or when, it becomes their turn on your behalf, when they’re getting ready to pull the plug on you because, well, you’ve lived long enough, they’ll go along, just as you might now. Without our example, future generations of Americans will have no example to follow, let alone believe in.
Show up and be heard, or be herded. There are no other choices. This is the time. And if you don’t speak out, it may well be the last. They have blatantly admitted this is but a first step. What in God’s name does it take for some of you people to get mad? If the last few months haven’t been enough, then your freedom may already be lost. In that case, it’s still your duty to stir yourself to action and begin to take it back on March 16th. Waiting for someone else to do it for you will only assure you of freedom lost. And that is not and has never been the America and the American people I’ve come to know.
Let’s all try to be there! Here are the details:

Time: March 16, 2010 from 9am to 6pm
Street: Independence Avenue SE and New Jersey SE
City/Town: Washington, DC
Phone: 202-942-7616
Event Type: lobbying, against, obamacare, 2.0
Organized By: Kahryn Rombach and Brendan Steinhauser of

Swing by Grandpa John’s for your torch and pitchfork combo, it is the latest in anti-socialist engineering!

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