Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The other shoe drops: Eric Massa under investigation for groping male staffers

Someone is clearly lying here. Rep. Eric Massa has been saying that the allegations stemmed from his “salty language”, now the Washington Post is reporting that the allegations are more of the touchy feely variety. 
From the Washington Post: Former Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) has been under investigation for allegations that he groped multiple male staffers working in his office, according to three sources familiar with the probe. 
The allegations surrounding the former lawmaker date back at least a year, and involve "a pattern of behavior and physical harassment," according to one source. The new claims of alleged groping contradict statements by Massa, who resigned his office on Monday after it became public that he was the subject of a House ethics committee investigation for possible harassment. 
Massa had said that the allegations were limited to his use of "salty language" with his staff. He apologized for making some inappropriate comments and argued he was being unfairly villified. Days later, Massa accused the White House and Democratic congressional leaders of trying to oust him from office to improve their chances of passing health care reform legislation. Massa could not be reached for comment Tuesday, and no one answered the phone at his home in New York or his campaign office. Staff at his former congressional offices declined to relay messages to him and said they did not know how to reach him. 
According to two sources familiar with the probe, Massa's former deputy chief of staff Ron Hikel provided the information about the staffers' allegations to the House ethics committee three weeks ago. Hikel had earlier sought advice fromMajority Leader Steny Hoyer's office about brewing internal complaints, the sources said, and had been urged to report the allegations to the committee. 

Politico is also reporting that Massa acted inappropriately with interns too. If Massa shows up for his Beck interview today, we might be able to get to the bottom of all of this. Personally, I think Massa is lying his head off about the extent of the allegations and is only ratting out Rahm and crew because they were not going to stand by him during the investigation. Time will tell one way or another what the real deal is.


Steverino said...

I think it's curious that Massa was ousted so very quickly over this when investigations in other Democrats like Rangel, Frank, and Jefferson took much longer. Maybe Massa wasn't the right type of Dem?

Clifton B said...


After watching Massa's interview with Beck, I think they Massa is FOS. It looks like he resigned and made all this noise to change the subject from the allegations against him.

Anonymous said...

You know Cliff, these dudes on Capitol Hill are seriously creeping me the hell out!

Tickle fights...REALLY? C'mon son!


Clifton B said...


After watch the Beck interview, I have to peg Massa at 9.5 on the In The Closet scale.

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