Thursday, March 11, 2010

Will the Nays have it? No votes piling up on ObamaCare

Here is some more cheerful news to go along with the earmark bans.  The Hill has been running the numbers on No votes for ObamaCare.  The Hill counts 25 NO votes so far. 
From The Hill [emphasis mine]: More than two dozen Democrats are expected to vote against the healthcare reform bill that will hit the House floor in the coming weeks.
At least 25 House Democrats will reject the healthcare reform legislation, according to a survey by The Hill, a review of other media reports and interviews with lawmakers, aides and lobbyists. Dozens of House Democrats are undecided or won’t comment on their position on the measure.
The 25 opposed include firm “no” votes and members who are likely “no” votes. Most Democrats on The Hill’s whip list are definitely going to vote no, but others, such as Reps. Lincoln Davis (Tenn.) and Harry Teague (N.M.), could vote yes.
However, The Hill has not yet put Democrats who are insisting on Rep. Bart Stupak’s (D-Mich.) language on abortion in the “no” category. Stupak has said there are 12 Democrats who supported the House bill in November who will vote no unless his anti-abortion-rights measure is melded into the final bill.
If leadership doesn’t make changes to the abortion language and Stupak does indeed have 12 votes in his pocket, it will be very difficult to pass a bill. Yet if they do change the provisions, supporters of abortion rights in the House will threaten to vote no.
Abortion may just be the thing that sinks this nightmare.  Today, Pro-Life House Democrats are saying the Senate bill is Dead on Arrival! 
From Fox News: The health care reform bill passed by the Senate on Christmas Eve appears to be dead on arrival in the House, as six anti-abortion Democrats intend to join the ranks of lawmakers who plan to vote against the legislation, Fox News has confirmed.
Six new no votes would be enough to kill the Senate bill, and several more fence-sitting lawmakers are under pressure from both sides of the aisle.
Sam at The Last Tradition takes delight in pointing out how Obama’s efforts to selling this crap sandwich are bearing no fruit and maybe scuttled by Pro-Life Dems.


Mike said...

BC....the Dems have another problem as well:

All 41 Republican Senators Send Letter to Harry Reid~No Byrd Rule Violations

Samuel Gonzalez said...


Thanks for the linkage!

You know I don't trust these SOBS. I took a lot of heat from family and friends who looked at me funny because I didn't support Obama.

On innaugeration day, my birthday by the way, I cheered mysekf up watching Ronald Reagan Innaugeral instead.

Now the country is coming around to where I always been, save the Obots who can't make an arguement or defend Obama without bringing up George Bush.

Have you notice that?

They don't know jack about Obama, or what he's about, but as long as he's not GB and gives a good speech, that's good enough for them.


Opus #6 said...

I said it a year ago, and I will say it again. I am praying for gridlock.

Just a conservative girl said...

I am not going to exhale until it is truly dead. It keeps coming back to life every time we think that it is finally gone. They are going to try every underhanded thing until they can get it done.

trinity said...

I am so glad that Stupak is standing his ground on this. I am praying that this bill is defeated, never to be seen again.

Mike said...

Yes I agree, we have to keep the heat on and Opus #6 said, keep praying for it's defeat to never show it's ugly head again. are right my friend, this blame Bush game has gotten old after a year in office.

Trinity....I hope Stupak holds his ground as well and there is a hispanic lawmakers caucus that are mad because the bill doesn't cover illegals. So Pelosi,Reid and Obama have their hands very full.

Immigration provision has Hispanic Caucus threatening ‘no’ health vote

Clifton B said...


and don't forget that the Senate Parliamentarian is drop kicking the Dem's plans to the curb too!

Clifton B said...


Any time for the linkage bro. I totally hear what you are saying about people looking at you funny a year ago. Today, we are not such odd balls. I for one LOVE to do the I Told Ya So!

There is that core of Kool Aid drinkers who will never see Obama for what he is and they will be back for more come 2012. God help them.

Clifton B said...

Opus #6:

With this Congress, when it comes to gridlock, I will do an Oliver Twist. Please Sir, can I have some more!

Clifton B said...

Just a conservative girl:

I am pretty sure ObamaCare 1.0 will die. ObamaCare 2.0 (fixes to the Senate bill) will never happen. We still have to worry about ObamaCare 3.0 (the baby version) after 2.0 crashes and burns.

Clifton B said...


I too am hoping Stupak and the other Pro-Life Dems will grow a pair and stand their ground. That should kill ObamaCare, then we have to worry about the little version.

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