Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harry Reid’s wife and daughter in serious car crash.

From Politico: Harry Reid's wife, Landra, suffered a broken neck, back and nose and his daughter, Lana, also sustained serious injuries in a chain-reaction car accident in Fairfax, Va. on Thursday  according to Reid's spokesman.
Both women's injuries are considered serious but not life-threatening -- and both have sensation in their extremities, an indication that they aren't paralyzed, Reid spokesman Jon Summers said.
Reid's wife is listed in serious condition and will stay in the hospital, but his daughter will be released. The initial prognosis for Reid's wife is that no surgery will be required, Summer said. .
“They are being treated at a Washington-area hospital. While driving on a Washington, DC, highway, their vehicle was rear-ended by a semi-truck," Summers wrote in an email.
"Mrs. Reid has a broken nose, broken back and broken neck. Lana has a neck injury and facial lacerations. Both Mrs. Reid and Lana are conscious, can feel their extremities, and according to doctors their injuries are non-life threatening. Senator Reid has been to the hospital and appreciates the support he and his family are receiving from Nevadans and his colleagues in the Senate."
Reid was pulled out of a meeting and was rushed to the hospital to visit them but was expected to return to the Senate this evening, aides said.
The majority leader, 70, met Landra, 69, when both attended high school in Henderson, Nev. They were married in 1959. 
It is all too easy to let politics dehumanize our political adversaries. I hope never to let that happen to me, so I shall say a prayer for Harry Reid, that his wife and daughter have a speedy recovery. May God give Harry Reid the strength he needs to help his wife and daughter through their recovery.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Absolutely, absolutely!

Reid is bad for America, true. I detest his policies and his machinations. Also true.


This is family we are talking about. Putting politics aside, as we should when times like this are upon us, I too shall ask the God I worship to minister to Harry's troubled heart and to bring healing and health to his wife and daughter.

Reid and I can fight later. Right now my heart and spirit are lifting him and his family up.

Long Live the Republic.

PS: I have already seen, on other sites and blogs, venomous, hateful, and despicable comments from so-called Conservatives about Reid's family. Seriously? Really? Why are people acting like those we oppose? This does not set a good example.

Anonymous said...

I agree and respect your position. Let us not sink to the level of the rosie o'donnells,et al who celebrate when a well known conservatives are hit with troubles.

nacilbupera said...


A great post with great perspective; I met Reid's daughter briefly 20 years ago at college while standing in line or something. Back then, outside of NV (which we were at the time) no one knew who Harry Reid was (I did only because of my political interests). She and I were both REID surnames but no relation.

She seemed a God-fearing, pleasant young woman.

Even though Harry Reid and I share the same religion, I have a bitter hatred for the unconstitutional laws including heath-scare he is ramming down our throats. Yet I join with you in this moment for wishing the family well.

Nancy said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your perspective. Whether we agree with his political policy or not, as believers in an awesome God, we need to lift his family up in prayer. They have such a long road of healing ahead. My heart grieves for what they are going through. May God take what is meant for evil and bring out good, may His name be glorified!

Clifton B said...

Donald Borsch Jr.

"Reid and I can fight later. Right now my heart and spirit are lifting him and his family up."

Agreed, there is a time a place for everything. I too am disappointed that some conservatives would use a time like this to bash Harry. Despicable as he and his policies are, he is human.

Clifton B said...


Exactly, when we stoop to their level, we are no better than those people who rejoiced when they thought Rush died from a heart attack. I never want to be like that.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC! Thank you for sharing that story. It help to put things into perspective.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC! Your comment reminds me of that saying "there but for the grace of God go I". What happened to Reid's wife and daughter could easily have happened to any of our loved ones. This is why we should put politics aside at a time like this.

Janelle said...

Cheers to all of you! Surviving a crash involving a semi is miracle of sorts and thank God for that. As for Mr. Reid, you are a husband and father first, your presence is needed outside D.C. right now. The Senate will somehow soldier on without you.

Frank said...

"Why are people acting like those we oppose?"

Because many on your side are no different than those on the other side. How you behave has nothing to do with your political philosophy. People on one side are just as capable of vile hostility as the other. And there are so, so many Web sites and cable noise machines to prove it.

Seriously, when somebody complains about the dreck and vulgarities that comes from an opponent, look in the mirror amigo ... chances are that's you too. Same methodology, same temperament ... only the uniform is different.

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