Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chris Matthews’ scary movie “The Rise of the New Right”

Yesterday when I told you about Chris Matthews panning Obama’s oil spill speech, I said I expected him to go right back supporting Obama and his agenda. Chris Matthews’ “documentary” The Rise of the New Right pretty much affirms he is still drinking the Kool Aid.

The documentary should really be considered more like a horror show than a documentary. I say this because Matthews cobbles together all elements from the right and presents it as the new boogyman for the left (just like the Religious Right was the boogyman of the 80’s and 90’s). 
Matt Lewis, Politics Daily: Matthews clearly believes, as "Hardball's" website says, "the new right is an emerging fact of life in 21st century." As such, it was time to launch a thorough analysis into this nascent phenomenon and (as MSNBC's documentary website says) "investigate in-depth some of the most important stories of our time." Sadly, though, Matthews' hour-long documentary effort left us with more questions than answers.
To be sure, the program came equipped with the perfunctory ominous music (meant to let you know when to be scared) and interviews ranging from respected former Majority Leader (and now president of Freedomworks) Dick Armey to Orly Taitz, the "unofficial leader of the Birthers," who recently lost a GOP primary in California by a landslide.
The documentary also features members of the Michigan Militia at their survival training camp (who were calm and well spoken), and interviews with Kentucky GOP Senate nominee Rand Paul from the campaign trail. Surprisingly, it also featured the positive portrayal of a suburban Hispanic mom named Ana, who has become a Tea Party activist.
But overall Matthews is guilty of attempting to find the most extreme elements of the right, and trying to paint the conservative movement with that broad brush. 
Truth be told, if the left is to fear anything about the “New Right”, it is that Hispanic mom Ana.

What’s so scary about Ana you ask?  What is scary about Ana is that she is forever lost to the left. She won’t be voting for them anytime soon if ever. Further more, her activism against the left is motivated by her concern for her family’s future.  Needless to say the chances of the four children at the table growing up to be lefties is pretty slim.  Worst of all, Ana is not someone you can easily paint as a kook and thus she can easily spread her message. It is these kitchen table patriots who will forever change America’s political landscape and that change doesn’t favor the far left.

Videi h/t: Huffington Post


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Matthew is a schill, As ti his 'mockumentary', well we will see how it affects all 2 of his viewers.

Janelle said...

Ana's viewpoint echoes my band of six hundred plus tea partiers. As for dodgeball, curveball, screwball Matthews....waste of time.

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