Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Must Read: Obama Don’t Like Black Pelicans

My friend Sam over at The Last Tradition has a must read post. Sam nails the irony of Obama’s demagoguery of Bush over Katrina and now faces his very own Katrina in the BP oil spill.  Here is a sample: 
The Last Tradition: It was understood by many thanks to a deceitful mainstream media that “Katrina” meant George W. Bush didn’t like Black people, or George Bush was an incompetent boob, or that George Bush lied and people died, and don’t forget those are Black faces you’re watching with tears in their eyes at Super Dome. 
It was all a horrible twisting of the truth that Barrack Obama took advantage of without hesitation or apology. 
But, was it all George Bush’s fault, really?
Barack Obama and the Democrats didn’t care one way or another. 
But then Deep Water Horizon exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico and 50 days later, oil is still flowing in the water. But, now it’s Barack Obama sitting in the White House with his own disaster on his hands and he’s catching an attitude because he’s getting criticized by the same media that had it out for Bush.  


Chris said...

This buffoon Obama hasn't even talked to the CEO of BP yet. He will sit down with Iran and other enemies but not the guy trying to fix their disaster. Instead of tough talk why doesn't he try and DO something. Obamas community organizing skills isn't helping the matter at all. If Obama spent more time trying to help BP instead of kicking their ass and putting his boot on their throat maybe we could stop this disaster. And where are all the left wing environmentalist on this? Why aren't they ALL out helping clean up? This isn't Obama's Katrina. It is Obama's Iran hostage crisis. Obama better start doing something and stop with the BS banter and photo ops.

Gorges Smythe said...

I really don't know what people expect of Obama, they had to know he was nothing but a bag of hot air when they voted for him. Why would they expect him to morph into a man of wisdom, just because one is needed? I'm no fan of Bush, but even Bush is ten times the man Obama will ever be.

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