Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Left’s Latest Palin Obsession: Did Palin Get Brest Implants?

I swear the left is becoming really creepy with their Sarah Palin obsession. Despite their denials, they have been obsessed with Sarah Palin from the second Palin stepped out on the national stage. They obsess over her clothing, her speech, her family, her house, her marriage and on and on. Lately though, their obsessions are starting to get really, really creepy.

First there is that creep McGinniss moving right next door to play Peeping Tom and now we have new bunch of creeps checking out "The Palin Pups”.
The Boston Herald: Hey Sarah Palin, I can see your cleavage from my house!
Alaska’s former governor sported more Northern Exposure than usual at the Belmont Stakes race this weekend, sending the blogosphere into a tizzy, wondering whether Palin is exercising a woman’s right to (bigger) boobs.
Palin and her husband, Todd, were in New York on Sunday to bet on their pick, “First Dude,” named after Palin’s husband.
But it was Palin’s newfound perkiness, not her politics, that bumped “Heidi Montag” and “implants” off the Most Googled list.
“Sarah Palin sure looks like she was trotting out some new work at the horse races,” reported the political blog Wonkette yesterday after getting a tip on the Web site’s Facebook feed.
You have got to be kidding me! These Palin Haters must analyze and scrutinize every microsecond of film and every square inch of photos of Palin to notice these things. Remember when they saw the writing on her palm at the Tea Party Convention? I must have watched that video three times before I even noticed the writing. 

I have never before seen such obsessive compulsive behavior from the left. They claim they hate Palin and that she is completely insignificant, yet they slavishly obsess over every tiny aspect of her life, it is unreal.

Perhaps in this case it is because the left is not use to female political figures actually having a figure. It is like some unwritten rule for lefty female politicians that they must appear as drab as possible.

See what I am talking about?

It is like some strange cult uniform:
  • Boyish hair – check
  • No make up – check
  • Drab clothing – check
  • Perpetual sour puss – check 

Palin, like so many conservative women, just doesn’t believe she has to suppress her femininity to be effective. Perhaps it is time for the progressives to start getting a little more progressive about how they view women in power.


Jim McKee said...

By your checklist, Rosie O'Donnell should've ran for Congress years ago.

Clifton B said...

Jim McKee:

It's the "uniform" I tell ya! Standard issue!

Hot Sam said...

Sarah's lookin' pretty hot!

Liberal women over the age of 30 look like victims of cosmic radiation from a magnetar.

LL said...

The radical left seems to feel that if a woman doesn't look like a bull lesbian, she's not suited for politics. I don't know if all of them are lesbians or not and I frankly don't care, but they're trolls.

Palin on the other hand, is hot == hottest when she has he hunting clothes on, rifle in hand and there's a moose to be slain, field dressed and butchered. said...


Very well said. El Rushbo correctly stated that "feminism was established to allow allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream". Hard to make a contrary argument given the sorry state of women from the left. I suspect they are jealous of Sarah and her compatriots who are 'babes' by any definition.

Keep up the very good work.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about any breast implants but that photo of Palin make Michelle My Belle's hyped arms look like chopped liver.

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