Friday, June 18, 2010

VIDEO: Giannoulias Staffer Manhandles Videographer

Brietbart TV: A hothead with the Giannoulias campaign for Senate confronts a man with a video camera at a fund raising event. 
The fundraiser took place on the roof top of an apartment building in Washington and is public space for residents and guests. Our sources say the cameraman was invited there by a resident of the building. 

Did the left find some sort of sale on testosterone? It is rather ironic though to see them behaving so badly on film. After all it was lefty activist that created the ambush video in the first place. Now that conservatives are turning activists, they are employing all the left’s dirty tricks against them.  One would think that since the left have been using these tactics all this time, they would have figured out a counter strategy. At least the NRSC has issued a memo telling folks to keep their hands to themselves.

I wonder if the goon who does the shoving ever got a loan from the Giannoulis family bank before it was siezed?


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spc said...

The left has always lacked restraint (at least the useful idiots have). Now knowing the way they react, who would seriously expect them to behave like grown ups when the tables are turned on them.

They believe they are right and thus entitled to behave a certain way. The constant victim mentality. They never do wrong, only the person that opposes them can be wrong. It's too bad the media covers for them and doesn't allow the general public to decide for themselves who's behavior is worthy of representing us.

This is going to be the big IL race and although I am still terribly disappointed with who we ended up electing on the R side (Mark Kirk- Charlie Crist type politician IMO), I can't accept ever adding another representative that's part of the Chicago machine that got us Obama, Daley, Rezko, Wright----you name it, they are all connected through corruption.

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