Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nikki Haley and Tim Scott win GOP nominations in South Carolina

The Fix: South Carolina state Rep. Nikki Haley cruised to the Republican nomination for governor tonight, a victory that makes her not just the frontrunner for the office this fall but a likely national GOP star.
Haley crushed Rep. Gresham Barrett in the runoff race, an expected result given that she took 49 percent of the June 8 primary vote -- narrowly missing the chance to win the nomination outright. The Associated Press called the runoff race for Haley at 8 p.m. eastern time.
"This is a story about determination, and a story about a movement," said Haley in her victory speech tonight. "This was the best grassroots, underdog campaign we have ever seen."
Haley also credited former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who endorsed her candidacy, for giving the campaign a "boost we needed when we needed it."
State Rep. Tim Scott (R) also claimed victory in the 1st district runoff; Scott's likely victory positions him to be the first black Republican in Congress since Oklahoma Rep. J.C. Watts' retirement in 2002. 
I am pleased as punch to see that Nikki Haley has not only won but also crushed her opponent big time. Good for her, after having the entire book of dirty tricks thrown at her it is good to see that voters saw through the deception.

I would also like to point out those South Carolina voters nominated two minorities over their white opponents. I only mention this because we all know how the left loves to paint all southern conservatives as foaming at the mouth racists.  You would have thought this narrative would have died after Bobby Jindal was elected, but old leftwing narratives die hard.

Sarah Palin endorsed both Haley and Scott. These two wins puts Palin’s endorsements at 9 wins and 3 loses.  Not bad Sarah!

Via: The Fix


Adrienne said...

Good for Nikki and Tim! I think the assault against Nikki actually helped. People figured she must be pretty special to warrant that kind of vitriol.

Thanks for the linky-love. :-)

Jess said...

I saw a press report that was more about racism and the past than anything else. I'm thinking this is a point of concentration for only one reason: Discord; keep the tensions of the past in the forefront and avoid the real issues.

A.G. said...

Congrats Nikki and Tim (and Sarah, too)!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Nikki and Tim. Nikki you have made us proud in the East Indian Community. I am a Jat Sikh living in Az for the last 20 years and I am very happy for you and your family.
God Bless

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