Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rosie O’Donnell calls for Communism in America: “Sieze their [BP’s] assets”

“Call it Socialism, call it Communism, call it whatever you want…. Seize their assets. Take over BP!” 
Rosie must be one of those lefty dunces who failed basic economics. If the current administration is in over its head with handling the BP and the oil spill, how is giving them all of BP’s assets going to help?  It is like suggesting that a two year old who struggles with a tricycle be given a Harley Davidson instead.

Time and time again our government has proven itself to be completely irresponsible with money. Yet people like Rosie continue to have faith that the government can right all wrongs. If this current bunch of Congressional spendthrifts were to seize BP’s assets, you had better believe it would be squandered and the taxpayer would be handed the full bill for all of BP’s damages. How else would it be possible that our national debt is set to rise to $19.6 trillion by 2015?

Via: Reuters


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Does she know that "BP" stands for British Petroleum? How is BO going to "seize" a foreign company? Or does she mean just BP America? Or does she think BO is already king of the world?

Dean said...

Well, Rosie is a failed actress and talk show host, should the government seize her assets as well? Maybe seize those kids she adopted before she really messes them up.

Bz said...

She does not BEGIN to get the history that is being made with fixing this at such depths.
Why drill at such depths then?!? ...geeeees... if folks only understood the GOVERNMENT CONSTRAINTS that are in place if one wants to drill in shallower water. Can we say, "Thank you government."!?!?!

Bruce said...

My fervent wish is that the likes of O'Donnell and her ilk would say they would kill themselves if a Republican like Sarah Palin was elected President ... and then have the fortitude to carry out their stated opinion. I'll supply the ammo.

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