Thursday, June 10, 2010

Carly Fiorina Caught Mocking Barbara Boxer’s Hairdo

CNN: Waiting to be interviewed by affiliate KXTV Wednesday morning, Fiorina is clearly heard taking a dig at her rival for the California Senate seat, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-California.
"God, what is that hair?" a laughing Fiorina said, while quoting a friend who had recently seen Boxer on television. "So yesterday." 

Oh, how I do love these open mic moments, from George Bush calling that New York Times reporter a major league a-hole to Joe Biden dropping the F-Bomb! So many of today’s politicians are so heavily scripted that you have no way of knowing who the hell they really are.  When a live mic catches them, it provides a true glimpse into what is really on their minds.

From this open mic moment, I gather that Fiorina has little respect for Barbara. I can now easily see Fiorina gleefully approving that Barbara Boxer Blimp video 

No doubt Boxer will feign righteous indignation and pretend to take the high road. I just hope Fiorina doesn’t fall into that silly faux apology game and instead mocks Barbara some more.  Now wouldn’t that be honest and refreshing!

Via: CNN


Just a conservative girl said...

I really hate when they cut it off like that. I would like to know what she said after that.

I saw her tonight on TV talking about it, she didn't really apologize, but didn't stand by her statement either. Kind of made a joke about it bringing up how she was bald from her chemo treatments.

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder why is CNN taping it while they are applying make up on.

Is it too conspiracy-theorist of me to think CNN [and others] was intentionally trying to set her [and others] up, hoping she'll say something "evil."

And I agree, please, don't apologize.

2nd Anonymous

Chris F. said...

You know Clif, I also enjoy these rare, but golden open-mic opportunities. I now refer to the VP as Joe Big F****** Deal Biden. Ah, what a blessing it is for the VP to state the obvious. That obvious being a 2,000+ page piece of legislation that was shoved down our throats. Of course it was a big deal! If only we could catch Pelosi on one flat-out declaring "I'm a Socialist." That'd go over well with the American people.

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