Thursday, June 10, 2010

WTF?!? CNN: Obama cannot get angry because he is a black man?

Good Lord Almighty! The Raaaaacism Industrial Complex has gone into overdrive. Check out this hot mess from John Blake at CNN: 
Here's proof that President Obama has indeed ushered in a new era in race relations.
Who would have ever expected some white Americans to demand that an African-American man show more rage?
If you've followed the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, you've heard the complaints that Obama isn't showing enough emotion.
But scholars say Obama's critics ignore a lesson from American history: Many white Americans don't like angry black men.
It's the lesson Obama absorbed from his upbringing, and from an impromptu remark he delivered last summer. Yet it's a lesson he may now have to jettison, they say, as public outrage spreads.
"Folks are waiting for a Samuel Jackson 'Snakes on the Plane' moment from this president as in: 'We gotta' get this $#@!!* oil back in the $#!!* rig!' But that's just not who Obama is,'' says Saladin Ambar, a political science professor at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Some of the same people crying for Obama to show more emotion would have voted against him if he had displayed anger during his presidential run, says William Jelani Cobb, author of "The Substance of Hope: Barack Obama and the Paradox of Progress."
"It would have fed deeply into a pre-existing set of narratives about the angry black man," Cobb says. "The anger would have gotten in the way. He would have frightened off white voters who were interested in him because he seemed to be like the black guy they worked with or went to graduate school with -- not a black guy who is threatening." [MORE]
You must be kidding me. I cannot believe Blake is trying to use racism as an excuse for Obama’s failings. I am telling you; at this rate the old race card will be in tatters by 2012.

This “angry black man” argument doesn’t hold water for a minute. First of all, I would imagine that any white person who gets freaked out at the sight of an "angry black man", probably did not vote for Obama in 2008 and probably won’t come 2012. So why should Obama even be concerned about offending them? 

Secondly, I still don’t understand why the left is insisting on Obama showing emotion over the oil spill. What the situation calls for is competence not emotion.  We are more than 50 days from the start of this disaster, yet people in the Gulf are still asking for the basics to protect their shores and BP is still playing games with information on the size and scope of the spill. This is the result of Obama’s incompetent managing of the situation and not the result of his lack of emotion.

If I was a white person and I read Blake’s article or saw the segment below my days of watching CNN would be soooo over.

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Jim McKee said...

I wish Allen West were president, that's a guy I would LOVE to see get angry!

Anonymous said...

I NEVER watch CNN ... I absolutely hate it. I don't understand WHY they inject race into everything. Obama's demeanor is calm. Some men are calm, some are more excitable. More and more as the racism-chasers keep digging up and trying to bring alive these memes of the past, they confuse and cause divisions between the people living in the present day.

kajun said...

Clifton, beings I am a white person, I haven't watched CNN since during the Desert Storm days. I've never thought it was wise to let the enemy know where you are stationed and all the other 'news' CNN was giving out over tv for Sadam and all to get.

I find it strange that there seems to be a close relationship to the use of four (4) letter words and anger. Just because Obomer said "ass" with a strong feeling, in my book that doesn't make him 'angry'. I saw President Bush show anger a lot of times and never once used a four (4) letter word. Besides, who can be angry at the hand that feeds the campaign coffers. And that applies to those Republicans who were fed from the same trough.
Obomer has nothing but 'pretend' and 'acting' in his character and I still believe his strings are being pulled by Soros.
Anyways, love your blog and read it every day. Thanks for letting me 'vent' :)

ps.. I know 'ass' has only 3 letters but I meant to use 'ARSE'. lol


kajun said...

Jim, I too would love to have Allen West for President.
Not only would things be a lot different on the economic side of the table, but we'd have a whole lot better military.

Unknown said...

CNN is so 20 years ago, anyway.

But, ya gotta admit, obama's attempt to look emotional came off as realistically as Joan Rivers trying to smile through the plastic surgery.

Anonymous said...

Your days of watching CNN haven't been over yet? They should have been a long time ago!

Who had asked John Blake about his opinion anyway? Who cares about any CNN staff opinion, or any TV channel staff opinion? They are supposed to just introduce new facts without comments or telling us how they feel about them. That's the way it used to be.

Who can trust "the news" according to the media nowadays, it's not "news" it's "stories", suppressed stories, embellished stories or plain lies (i.e. when CNN reports about some 500 participants to the New York rally on June 6 whereas there were about 8,000 participants - that's the news for you!).

They don't inform us, they indoctrinate us. Only Fox News has escaped total invasion by the left.

Throw your TV set though the window and go to internet if you care for the truth.

PS: I agree about Allen West, that's a man with character and he, at least, loves America.

Just a conservative girl said...

I heard the same from someone at Time Magazine. I can't remember the guys name, he was the one who wrote the Gamechanger book; Halperin I think his name is.

He went as far to say that Obama did some polling during his election and it clearly showed that Americans did not want to vote for an angry black man.

I have a question though, people are saying they want more emotion. Is anger the only emotion that people want to see? I remember seeing pictures of President Bush meeting with people after 9/11 and you could see emotion on his face. You could tell that he really cared about the people he met with. Obama could try showing real emotion to the people who are victims of this spill. That could go a long way as long as it isn't done as a photo op without real emotion behind it.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I saw this and was like "wtf?" It's not enough that they scream RAAAACIST at the sight or thought of a white person rejecting BO's radical agenda, but now they have to invent stuff, too? Insane.

We weren't threatened by or frightened of BO's search for an a$$ to kick, we were horrified that the President of the United States of America is so unpresidential. And so out of touch. No one wants to see any butts kicked right now (there's time for that later). What we want to see is him taking charge . . . you know, actually leading.

You're right. If I hadn't already stopped watching CNN, I would after this.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

@ JACG, excellent point. President Bush would have already (right away) met with each of the families of the 11 people who died. He was constantly (and without fanfare or calling up the press corpse) meeting with our wounded soldiers, the families of the 9/11 victims, etc. That was a man with compassion and feeling . . . who knows what this hollow shell of a thing feels, or if he does.

I read accounts of BO's visit to the wounded victims of the Fort Hood terrorist, many of whom had met President Bush, and they stated how the visit was all about BO and his photo op (moving things off of their tables, propping them up at a "good angle," etc.). He was aloof and spent minimal time with each of them, just shaking their hand and smiling for the camera. President and First Lady Bush, by contrast, also went (right away) and visited these same terrorist victims and comforted them and sat with each of them. No cameras. No fanfare.

trinity said...

I stopped watching CNN during the 2008 campaign. The Obama love was oh so sickening to me. The excuses that the left is inventing to save Obama is just beyond the pale.

Angie Lee said...

How about an angry AMERICAN, instead of an angry black man? See, it's the left that is completely obsessed with race. Most of the rest of us across the political spectrum really don't give a rip what color a person is, as long as they are honest, decent, and willing to give back as much as (if not more) than they take.

Every time I read swill like this from abusers of the race card, I am reminded of an event many years ago when I was much more "tender," working for an OB/GYN in Flint, who considered himself black.

A 14-yo girl came in for Depo-Provera injections, whose mother normally accompanied her but this particular day sent her oldest daughter in her place along with payment. Sister drops the girl off in the driveway, says she'll be back in an hour, and takes off. Problems: 1. The girl was only 14 and the sister had the permission slip to consent to services but left with it in her purse. 2. Along with the check. 3. She came back about THREE hours later, leaving the girl sitting in our waiting room - alone. She came back and sat in the driveway honking. When the girl didn't come out, the sister came in, pissed off before she even hit the door. When the girl told her she wasn't done yet, sister flies up to my window and starts screaming at me. I tried to explain to her we couldn't give her the shot, since SHE wasn't present to give consent and that our office policy (which mom understood and why she sent the check) was payment due at time of services rendered. Out of her mouth next came words that never cease to stun me: "You only doin' this coz I be black!" Doc came up to my office to see what all the racket was about (uncontrollable screaming rages are not welcome in an environment where rows of pregnant women are sitting there aghast, witnessing this kind of assault on the dorky "kid" at the front desk). She eventually handed over the permission slip and check, sat down and waited for the girl to get her shot, and left... trying to slam the door (with pneumatic closer) on her way out. The doc and I were later talking in private about what had happened and when I told him what she said, he almost fell over laughing and said something that stunned me even more, "You should have told her, no, you only doin' it coz you be white."

WHY does it have to be about race, whether it be about political ideology, an oil spill, or collecting payment for services performed in good faith? Good people, smart people, people with integrity - they come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Just like selfish people, stupid people, and abusive people. The amount of melanin in someone's skin has not a damn thing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

CNN just gave a reason for people to NOT to vote for another black president: "well, if CNN is correct, a black president can't get angry to get the job done, I guess I won't be voting for 'dem colored folks!"

Good job, CNN.


2nd Anonymous

Janelle said...

Small reminder.....our skin is the building that holds our internal organs in.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Janelle! Our skin is a 14 lb. (give or take) organ with more or less melanin to fend off the sun's potentially damaging rays depending on people's territorial origins and the intensity of the sun in those particular regions. And,by the way, this fact holds up as ratonal whether you believe in a higher power or not. Also, did I mention how sad the left are?

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