Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Curious Case of Alvin Green

Just when you thought South Carolina politics could not get any stranger, along comes the Curious Case of Alvin Green. 
Yahoo: Alvin Greene has been on the phone all day. That's to be expected for the guy who just won South Carolina's Democratic Senate primary and is facing incumbent Republican Jim DeMint in November. But everyone calling Greene has just been trying to find out who the heck he is —  
Greene, a 32-year-old unemployed military veteran who lives with his parents, defeated Vic Rawl on Tuesday for the Democratic Senatenomination despite having run essentially no public campaign — no events, no signs, no debates, no website, no fundraising.
The result has baffled political observers, who had heavily favored Rawl — a former state legislator, attorney and prosecutor who had the edge inasmuch as he actually campaigned and tried to win. Many in South Carolina (which has grandly lived up to its reputation as a political circus this year) suspect that somewhere, a crafty GOP politicaloperative is snickering.
As far as the local political press can discern, the only positive step Greene took toward campaigning was when he plunked down a $10,400 check in March to satisfy the state's filing fee and get on the ballot. He never registered a campaign committee with the Federal Election Commission or filed a financial disclosure with the Senate Ethics Committee. 
The story gets even stranger; as the media checked to see whom the heck Alvin Green is they found that he has a criminal record.
… the Associated Press reported that Greene was arrested in Novemberon the obscene photo complaint. Charges are pending, and he hasn't entered a plea. One could, of course, note that such charges wouldn't necessarily hurt a candidate in a Palmetto state election season that's featured plenty of sensational sexual charges. 
So let me get this straight. A brother, with a shady past who lives with his folks and has no job, comes up with over $10k for the filing fee. The brother then with no visible campaigning, wins the South Carolina Democratic Party nomination for the US Senate. Um, can you say plant?

Yahoo News thinks that Green may have been planted by Republicans to stir up racial trouble for Vic Rawl. Given the sleazy behavior some South Carolina Republicans have shown towards Nikki Haley, I would not be surprised by this notion. If Green really is a plant, I think the whole scheme ended up in a huge backfire. Now that Green has won, he has vowed not to drop out.


Lady Cincinnatus said...

I think he's a plant too, although I'm not sure that Republican political hacks are even smart enough to come up with the idea. :) It's a mystery...

Fuzzy Slippers said...

If he is a plant, how on earth did they get voters to vote for him? I'll be watching this one with interest.

Anonymous said...

heres the thing, demint wouldnt need to plant an opponent...he would have won the race regardless of opponent.

Anonymous said...

Would-be republican voters likely participated in the democratic primary to make Rawls and the democrats looks like fools (that's why you see Greene overwhelmingly winning largely white counties).

Case in point, Rush Limbaugh instructed his listeners to do just this last year. Whether or not this was a centralized-conspiracy effort remains to be seen, but I think something is slightly afoul as far as who exactly voted in the election.

Anonymous said...

Alvin Green’s personal and military history should be reviewed further. He is unfit for public service. It would be a complete embarrassment to the great state of South Carolina if he were elected. I beg the media to delve deeper into his past. We need a candidate with the right qualifications and abilities to win the next election. Alvin is not that man.

Blackberry said...

Acc to wiki (yes I know) he's a poly sci grad.

Anonymous said...

I agree with fuzzy slippers.

Furthermore, we Republicans have more important choices to make in more critical races. Why would we waste our votes by voting in the Dem primary in a race that's already a gimme for DeMint?

I think that SC Dem's may be as outraged at what's going on in DC as we Rep's - and maybe they are so fed up as to vote for an unknown just to send a message.

What say dem's?

Anonymous said...

Alvin Greene is not alone, FBI is refusing to investigate CIA and acorn approved fixed election number. This practice did give us Obama or Obiam or Obami (I am Black and proud of majority in power, not South Africa game coming here). They know the number they will get, no campaigning, no ... it is only 3 1/2 years per count, the violation of article 2,..
God bless that 'computer' in Ohio or making us slave (rerun,acting, look alike,...)
Arthur Mboue

bobby g said...

The rethugs are "not smart enough" to pull off planting Greene? Oh yes they are. And why is it so hard to figure out how? The voting machines used in South Carolina are notorious for "errors" and "peculiarities". And there is no paper trail. Their nothing smart enough is a total Republican talking point. Follow the money.and who is supporting this guy.

Anonymous said...

There has been an investigation into the funding. It was found that the filing fee came from Greene's personal funds, not a donation.

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