Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mo Brooks wins the Republican nomination for Alabama Congressional District 5 HUNTSVILLE, AL -- Mo Brooks has won the Republican nomination for 5th Congressional District without a runoff.
Brooks said incumbent Parker Griffith called him and conceded just a few minutes ago.
Brooks won 51 percent of the vote (35,712) to Griffith's 33 percent (23,494). Les Phillip won 16 percent (11,066). 
Bummer!  I introduced all of you to Les Phillip on this blog. I admit I wasn’t watching this race a closely as I should have. I thought his kicking video might have been just the thing to move him up. 

It is rather disheartening to see him come in behind Democrat turn Republican Parker Griffith. Why on earth were Republicans voting for Griffith?  Before some silly lefty raise the color thing, white Ron Sparks beat black Artur Davis for the Democrat nomination gubernatorial primary.

Are there any Alabama readers who followed these races who want to tell us some first hand accounts?



republicanmother said...

I don't live in AL, but as a life-long Southerner, I can attest to the good ol' boy machine that produces these pretty boys that don't represent the people of the state. I hear that Alabama is a very crooked place in its own way. I would think that Brooks and Griffith had their own special interests working hard for them while Les was left to glean the field. It's a shame because I was pulling for him, too.

Janelle said...

Two years, then another race.

OldSouth said...

Sorry to see this, as a cheerleader and contributor.

However, he did get his name and face out there, ran an enthusiastic and honorable race. I hope he will take the lessons learned, and make another attempt in the future.

David_TheMan said...

I think he lost because he was a new comer, he didn't have as much money as the other guys nor did he have the name recognition.

I would hope that if he is serious about change that he would keep on putting his face out there and getting involved.

As an Alabamian I have heard that to get the Repub nomination you really have to be in the loop with the Repub machine, usually that means you have to be extremely rich or family of someone already in it.

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