Monday, June 21, 2010

Mika Bresinski Admits to Using White House Talking Points

I give Mika an “A” for not even trying to pretend she is working with the White House.  Jammie Wearing Fool tells us this isn’t the first time she got busted using White House talking points.  She also used them to defend ObamaCare. I also recall how nut job Ed Schultz spilled the beans on how both Mika and Joe Scarborough both take direction from the White House

Mika can read all the talking point memos she needs to, no one is really watching that show anyway.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Seriously pathetic. Is this supposed to be journalism? Or is this just her reading (poorly) from a WH memo? Ridiculous and embarrassing (for her and the WH!).

Joaquin said...

These guys are at the point where they just don't give a fu*k!
I am surprised at the change in Scarborough. I remember when he was at least reasonably conservative.

Torrey M. Spears said...

I watched this live on MSNBC this morning - yes I'm the one that still watches Morning Joe. Anyway - I did a double take when I heard her mention working *with* the White House... and then I thought to myself I'm surprised - that I'm not more surprised.

Anonymous said...

To the lefties, it's a privilege to read the notes given from the glorious leader[s]. Only when people listen and follow the great leaders and their random notes, shall the society get closer to be a harmonious, advanced and progressive utopia society.

2nd Anonymous

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