Sunday, June 27, 2010

Priorities, Priorities! Obama: Where da golfin’ at?

Carol at No Sheeples Here has the perfect graphic for this story, so I shamelessly pinched it. 
National Post: When U.S. President Barack Obama stepped off his helicopter in Huntsville on Friday, the first thing he said was, “You’ve got a lot of golf courses here, don’t you?” Industry Minister Tony Clement told the National Post in an exclusive interview.
“I told him, ‘We would really recommend and love it if you could come back here with Michelle and the kids at some point — we think you’d really love it here,’” Minister Clement said on the sidewalk of Huntsville’s Main Street, in his home riding. “I think I’ve planted a seed in the President’s mind.” [MORE]
It is nice to know with an economy still on the brink, jobs vanishing faster than a magic act and the Gulf coast line drowning in oil, Obama has his priorities set: Golf first, America later.

How many more days of this national nightmare do we have left?

Graphic h/t: No Sheeples Here


Peg C. said...

939, Clifton! I have the countdown posted on my FB wall. :-) Discovered your blog in the last week and LOVE it - you are now a must-read for me and will share with all my conservative buds. Keep up the great work!

Karen said...

Someone told him there was an oil leak on the Gulf Coast, and he thought they said there was a leak on the Golf Course. And he's still trying to find it.

Peg C. said...

Someone on FB said the oil leak was Janeane Garofalo. ;-)

Angie Lee said...

Who was the lady Pharaoh one of her successors tried to obliterate from history? Hatshepsut?

Think we might get something similar in modern-day history, a populace attempting to obliterate the first "black" president from history? Of course, by then, he'll have just become "another white guy in a long line of white guys," regardless of his lies on his Census form.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I'll give our Industry Minister, Tony Clement, credit for promoting the charms of Huntsville, Ontario.

Still... "the first thing he said"? Wow.

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