Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Black Conservative on Blog Talk Radio

I was lucky enough to have made two interviews on Blog Talk Radio yesterday.  Here are the recorded shows.

First, Nikki and Namste invited me back on American Polichics.  Make sure to check out their blogs here and here. American Polichics airs every Thursday at 6:00 PM. They put on a very bold and fresh show in a PC Free Zone!

For the second show, I joined a panel of guests on Mary Baker’s Conservative Moms show. We had an interesting discussion about what America would look like if we returned to following the Constitution. Check out Conservative Moms for upcoming shows.


Samuel Gonzalez said...


I tried to listen 3 times, twice on Namaste's site and onnce on ABC and the show shuts down and starts over again right at the point you talk about Blogwhoring.

Can you explain it to me?

Clifton B said...


Oops, I didn't notice it cuts off. Scoot me an email and I will tell you what to do.

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